Escorting in Tel Aviv

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Hi Boys

well I'm no longer I guess you'll have to look elsewhere.

I can suggest Andrea (just google andrea escort tel aviv), perhaps she will fit what your looking for.


But don't dispare there are always girls that you can find within this profession. However, I strongly suggest you work only with the independents. There is no need to pay money for the pimps, managers, drivers, etc. Too many times they take advantage of the girls, lie to you the customer and in general are just not nice people.


This should be a profession of choice without coercion and you the customer can help here. There are also girls who travel the world with escorting as their profession. I can't say that its wrong for them, after all we are in a "global economy, and as I understand that its a way out economically for them, still, for many their travels are accompinied by the usual shady characters.

In short, stay with the local independents. (maybe I'll turn this into a blog or something....)