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She has an AMAZING body - slender and athletic, with long slender legs, and beautiful breasts. And it doesn't stop there - her face doesn't disappoint, either - she's very attractive - more cute than classically beautiful, but certainly quite a looker.

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About Me

Your independent, Israeli, young courtisan, private escort, in Tel Aviv, Israel

I'm Andrea, born in Israel, 26 years ago, that makes me a sabra. I'm pretty, slim, educated and exactly what you need to make your stay in Israel that much more memoriable.

I'm offering you not just the excitement of a young intelligent girl for you to"spend some time with, but I also listen to you, hear your stories and I will tell you mine, in short I offer you the ideal time being with a sexy young girl who will play with you as well as listen to you.

A few words about the picts that your seeing here, they're not of me. I have a private life, involving friends, family school etc and have to have some protection. They are however good body doubles of me, and I have included some quotes from my clients to give you confidence of the cute angel that will arrive at your door.
Escorting in Tel Aviv, Israel
This is just me, no "drivers" no pimps. You are dealing just with me, I will answer the phone, answer your questions, make our meeting and it will be me that shows up. Too many times when you "invite a girl" from an agency or a "pseudo independent" what shows up at your door is not what you expected. That will not be the case with me.

To Be Reassured
re·as·sur·ance. noun \ˌrē-ə-ˈshu̇r-ən(t)s\. : something that is said or done to make someone feel less afraid, upset, or doubtful.

My goal here is to reassure you, that your expecatations will be met. I will not be sending any real picts of myself, its not that I don't understand the request, its just that I cannot furfill it. My solution are quotes from my clients, that they have alread publicized on escort forums across the globe.

I am aware of the "risk" that you the client feels that they are taking, but I too have a risk, so the best I can do is ask for your understanding, and hope your willing to take the risk.
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Slim and Tall (180cm)

She has the kind of body that when shes walking down the street, you just want to stare at her, slim, flowing as she walks with an easy smile.

My Service

Discreet Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

Passion, companionship, touching. Part of my job as your companion is to be your "girlfriend" but in the good way. I will give you that elusive GFE experience without the hassles of conflict, emotional misunderstandings. I will give you that loving feeling that so many of us need and miss.
I am very discrete, both of us have lives outside of this corner of erotica, lives that involve our family, acquaintances, collegues etc that we would rather not know of our secret life-style. That common need, keeps discretion as an important part of my escorting, so though many of you write me about the need for discretion, you need not worry, it is as important to me as it is to you.
Our private meetings are just in Tel Aviv and I restrict myself to the 4 and 5 star hotels. For those needing a place for just a few hours, there are several nice quality hotels along the road that parallels the beach (Hayarkon Street), that offer "day use." (outcall only).

Boutique Hotel
Melodi Hotel
Tel: 03 521 5300
220 Hayarkon St.

Business Hotel
Tal Hotel
Tel: 03 542 5500
287 Hayarkon St.

Boutique hotel
Vital Hotel
Tel: 03 777 0025
14 Weizman St.

Boutique Hotel
Shalom Hotel
Tel: 03 542 5555
216 Hayarkon St.

5 Star Hotel
Carlton Hotel
Tel: 03 520 1818
10 Eliezer Peri St.
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She is an amazing creature

"her body is just perfect - slim, long legs, young, tempting. Her smile makes you blush, her eyes makes you wondering of her beauty. she is smart and intelligent , and gives you the right feeling you are looking for. Simply one of the finest private escorts in Tel Aviv."

Expections and costs

No Surprises...

The Rare Jewel
What I am however, is one of those rare jewels, in the escort business in Tel Aviv. With me, you'll find a young, very slim, tall, cute and intelligent girl to be with. There is no rushing, no stopper, I will be your companion, your friend, your partner, your erotic fantasy for our time together.

Body Stats
Age: 26
Bra Size: 34C (75C)
Height: 5'9" ( 180cm)
Build: Slim & Athletic (see picts)
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi
Languages: English, Hebrew
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Color: Turquois
First Hour: 1000nis
Additional Hours: 900nis

US dollars, Euros are accepted as well

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My Clients Speak

Of course this is after they have "calmed down"

The Initial Kiss
Its the kind of fantasy that most men dream about...she walks in, crosses the floor, this tall, slim pretty girl with a smile on her face. She approaches me gives me a wet kiss and then another one. After she seems sure that I'm ready for a break, she takes a step back and takes off her clothes. I move to the bed....I'm still staring at her body, not a gram of fat anywhere, just pure feminime beauty.
The Regular Client
I've now seen her over 4x. I find the time with her to be very much like having a Girl Friend, shes friendly relaxing as well as having a very sexy body. The time goes quickly between the small talk and the actual sex. The "relationship" if one can call it that, (being realistic as I am), is most enjoyable. She arrrvies late, apologies, tells me what happened on the way., promises to make up for it...just like a real girlfriend :).

Each visit is better than the previous. She remembers what we did, what we talked about and continues as if it was yesterday since we met.

Shes not for the "wam bam, thank you thank you ma'am crowd". Thats probably why she prefers men older than 40.
She keeps it real.....
For the most part, the better escorts are good actresses, as they walk in the door, have a big smile as if they really missed you, even if its for the very first time. And it works as that is what we're looking for. No matter how many times we see the same girl, she always enters the rooms with that same attitude. They listen to us, they may ask a few questions and pretend to listen while we talk believe they care. Andrea is a bit different.

She walked in, quickly walked over to me, quick kiss and it was obvious something was wrong, she didnt hid it. All of a sudden it was less the GFE and more like the real thing. At first I admit I was at a loss of what to do, after all, I'm the one who is paying for this time. I mentioned that it was obvious that she was upset and we can either push this off to another time, if it would be more appropriate for her.

her pussy is clean shaven smelled nicely, she doesn’t like FIV, but gladly accepted the mix of tongue and finger outside. After about 6 minutes of her making soft noises, her legs began to twitch (love it when that happens) and soon after that it became hard to keep on target as she started to move around, up and down, sideways, the wetness increased and as did her noise. Soon she was quiet, but I kept my tongue where it belonged and within a few more minutes the twitching began again...yes she can cum twice for those who like that.

then it was my turn…she moved me so i could watch her suck my member in the mirror or choose a direct view. She was on her knees so the view in the mirror was sideways..god how I love watching a beautiful women suck me. She would look in the mirror every so often to see me watching her. Then she looked off...clearly she was distracted...and this is where it gets personal. She mentioned that she just remembered something that she has to buy. Well normally in the middle of a BJ from an escort one might get insulted, but because she is just a "regular girl" I laughed abit and requested that she concentrate on the work at hand, which she did with gusto.

After that, it was time for doggy, cowboy and anything else i felt like :)

Contacting Me

After we EMAIL each other, I will send you my phone number.
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The Erotic Review

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