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I'm Kim, an Independent Israeli Tel Aviv Escort

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As sexy as the picts in my escort gallery are, nothing beats the real thing…

The Escort Scene in Tel Aviv 2022


As a Tel Aviv Escort

I have recently been told that I’m the BEST outcall private / independent Telaviv Escort. I was even told I’m amazing woman and a Goddess! – WOW.

Receiving such compliments, is great for my ego, but I do believe they exaggerated just a bit (though being a Goddess is really cool).

More to the point, I enjoy what I do, the interesting men / woman I meet, the intimate time together with all its variations (i.e fetish).

I also have a blog in which I write about all these experiences. My experiences also include the technical problems I have to overcome with digital marketing and my relationship with Google. Google and I have a “rocky” relationship.

All of which makes for stimulating (sexy) as well as fun reading. If you want to know more about my life as an Israeli Escort in TelAviv read through my blog.

My Tel-Aviv Escort Info Video…

this is short summary of just a few of your options for when we meet. Depending upon your fetishes the list is actually a lot longer, from a simple escort meet, to foot feetish, role play, clothing and of course a strapon…

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