Its 2023 and my escorting days are over...and its been quite the adventure

Its been an adventure working as kim over these last few years.  I’ve met so many interesting people, people that I never would have met otherwise.

Men seem to talk a bit more open when they have a pretty sexy naked girl next to them. Its been quite the education, not just from psychological / social / therapeutic point of view but from their own professions as well.

However it now time to start the next stage in my life….

But thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my life and helping me to get to where I am today.

Soon this site will have a guest blog, by the lovely Kris.

If your interested in my domain name, which has a strong presence in Google Organic Search for the independent, send me an email.

I would also  like to recommend an Independent Israeli Escort: May

The Escort Scene in Tel Aviv 2022


The Escort Scene in Tel Aviv 2022