I (escort) forgot the condoms….

It was raining, I was cold, I didn’t want to be late and I couldn’t find just where I put my latest surprise to one of my first regular clients…a short black dress (no panties). I looked in the closet next to the bed, in the dryer, no where to be found. I went to […]

GFE service: The Girl Friend Experience

As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience), and its an escort service that I have as an option on my website. However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it. For me its in the attitude that I […]

The School Dress (worn by the escort)

The school girl dress (worn by me, your escort). What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, […]