Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Adrenaline Rush TLV Escort

Adrenaline Rush – TLV  Escorting

The Airports will soon be open,  when I heard that I got very excited. I could  feel the adrenaline start pouring through my veins. I wasn’t sure of the reason.  The most obvious reason would be economics, get me out of this financial hole I find myself in.

But that wasn’t it. I was  excited to get back to work for the excitement, the meeting new people, those seconds of opening the hotel door and to see whats on the other side, I was excited  for the adrenaline rush that I was missing.

Escorting for the Adrenaline Rush?

OOPS! Am I an adrenaline junkie and I’m just using escorting to feed it? That would not be a good thing. In my  past I can’t say that I was a “stay at home” kind of person. I have been very active in fast moving sports, be they on the road, in the sea or in the air – lots of adrenaline went through my  veins. I’m more sedentary now as I’m a serious student with serious plans that require financial resources. My TLV Escorting is just a means to and end. However if its also filling in an unknown physiological / psychological need,  its best I know about it.

World’s Opening Up and I”m Excited

Returning to financial gain, make my libido happy or just fill my adrenaline need, I’m exited.

These last few months have  been very difficult just sitting at home. I’ve tried to be busy.

Seems I have a few new friends on Twitter, not that I ‘ll do much about it. Took the time to continue running after Google with googles latest shenangins for its organic  search. Fixed up my home…

And hopefully I’ll start seeing some old / new escort friends again.