Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

I receive an email recently with the strangest title: Escort  Emergency.

Obviously this caught my interest and I answered. A few emails later I understood the problem and we set up a time to meet.

And we met, he certainly enjoyed himself  (as did I) and I then asked him If I could copy his email for my blog, and of course I would modify the details. His answer, perhaps because he still had this smile on his face of complete satisfaction, was that I could simply cut and past the whole thing, so here it is.


Hi Kim,

I’m in Tel Aviv on business for the week having arrived yesterday. My work involves me to explore Tel Aviv and write about it. This involves a lot of walking, eating at different restaurants, visiting bookstores, art galleries etc. Its generally the most enjoyable part of my job, except this time its different. I’m having a very difficult time concentrating.

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Everywhere I look I see beautiful, sexy women!! These women are not full of makeup, wearing very expensive clothing,  trying to draw attention to themselves, apparently this is simply the natural appearance of the Israeli woman. It can be the waitress at a restaurant, even a young mother, a bunch of girlfriends walking down the street, a female soldier wearing a very unflattering uniform with a weapon….they all just have this natural sexiness about them and its driving me crazy.  (btw something about a woman carrying a weapon is especially sexy)


Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, be they jogging, sitting and reading, or just buying an ice cream, their sexy bodies, hair and smiles. I can’t even describe to myself what makes Tel Aviv and its Israelis so different from the other cities that I have visited, but its driving me crazy.


My work depends upon my concentration and I’m not concentrating. My solution is too meet one of those beautiful Israeli woman, have my way with her and get it out of my system. If need be, meet her again and again.


So that is where you come in, you seem to represent the Israeli women that I have met, that I have watched, intelligent, beautiful, sexy….


How soon can we meet?


I answered and we soon set up a meeting at his hotel (within a few hours as I understood his job depended upon it).


After we met, I received this email:



Thank you so so so much, you answered quickly, and met me quickly after our initial emails

Your as beautiful and sexy as any of the girls in Tel Aviv, and your sexual intensity was more than I imagined. You were exactly what I was hoping for.

Though we may have to meet again, you helped me concentrate, The Israeli woman around me are still sexy as they were before we met, but at least now I have a sweet memory that relaxes me, for the meantime, and lets me concentrate on my job.