Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of the more interesting aspects of my secret life are the different variations of the erection. I’ve come across premature ejaculation as well as andropause as well as the erectile dysfunction. Now if you believe you have a medical problem, then there are actual clinics that can help you. However I’ve also discovered in my non scientific research as an escort, that simple excitement can be the cause of both, premature ejaculation as well as the flacid penis.

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Some people have been granted with very quick brains, good in math, others have talents in running fast, I’ve been granted a slim, sexy, well proportioned body that our culture has deemed: super sexy. Some clients simply are just so excited that finally after reading Playboy as a kid, seeing endless sexy women on TV and in the Movies, finally that that sexy girl is in the room and she is all his,  and soon she will be naked, well its just affects them. Some ejaculate right then and there and for others, well nothing works.  🙂


I try my best in both cases, sometimes it helps. I take their mind off me and we discuss other things, their work, philosophy, etc. All the while I”m touching them every so gently, smiling at them, helping them relax. Usually my methodology works and soon were back in Action. If not well there other medical procedures.


And there are those the cum within 2 minutes or even less. For some its enough, sometime we spend another 2 minutes and again they cum. For some its embarrassing for others, well, they’re paying me to satisfy them and after 4 minutes they are  🙂  so at that point the tell me “great job” and I”m free to return home.