Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of the most exciting moments for me (the escort) and for the client is when I come out of the bathroom dressed in one of my outfits.

When I open the door of the bathroom and step in to the room so they can see me, I can almost hear their heart beating, trying to break out of their chest,


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There are those who request a specific outfit (yoga pants), some are very specific and those who request that I “surprise them” either way I hope they don’t have some kind of heart attack when they see me. The smile on their faces, when they see me, is simply priceless. They are like little kids in an ice cream store when they are handed their chocolate ice cream cone. They watch every step I take as I get closer to them, some not even believing this is really happening, that fantasy that has been in their head for years is finally real. For those who requested the yoga pants, well this time they can stare all they want, even pull down my pants – something they can only dream of doing in their yoga class, where the big busted, slim blonde girl can only be stared out of the corner of their eyes.


There is the secret school girl fetish. Something not allowed to talk about. When I come out of the bathroom wearing my short school girl outfit, I”m no longer 29 years old in their eyes but a mere 18, senior year in high school, captain of the cheerleader squad. And the client? He too is no longer 40+ but has returned to High School but not the wimp he was but a stronger, bigger and the one who gets the cheerleader!!


Anticipation sometimes is actually more exciting than the actual event (my escorting being the obvious exception). This is in fact not a new phenomenon. For instance, preparation for a vacation trip can have the same psychological affect, where the anticipation can keep one excited long before the trip actually happens.


The parallel of my escorting to the vacation example,  are the clients that write me before they arrive in Israel. We have a few emails about expectations. When I ask about any particular clothes they would like to see on me, the reactions are very positive and full of excitement and sometimes very detailed, clearly they have been waiting for this moment for a long time!


And just to increase the anticipation and I admit its just teasing, I might respond with “I’ll see what I can do, but I”m not promising anything  :).


And when we meet, I might even spend an extra minute or two or three in the bathroom, checking up on my makeup, making sure my shirt has just the right amount of cleavage showing…. just to increase the suspense.


Decisions can be tough: should I wear suspenders, see thru shit and no bra, or just wear my tight fitting jeans and an open white button down shirt and high heels….