Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

This last week I had my period, so I wasn’t working. Whats most interesting and encouraging has been my clients reaction. The new clients, the ones that dont’ really know me, thank me for my honesty and then keep on looking (though in fact there are very few independent tel aviv escorts (maybe just 5 in all of Israel).

But my clients, those who know me, well they are just great. Knowing full well that there will be no “main event” so many of them invite me to visit them anyway. I even get offers to get a massage. (not just give one).

There are times when I accept such invitations, however this last time my hormones were really going wild so I had to turn them down. I can be dangerous during my period when around naked men, I might, hit, slap and even bite if my hormones are allowed to be out of control. (ok, some would actually like that…..) or just depressed, either way its best for me to stay away from my clients.

However in normal times when my period isn’t making me crazy, I do offer the erotic massage, throw in some lap dancing add the “clothing of their choice” and the result can be quite satisfying.

Part of the excitement is the build up. As they plan their return trip to Israel and they plan on seeing me. Their emails to me can even be 2 months in advance. If it turns out that I have my period, during their visit, the disappointment can be a serious let down. I’m always pleasantly surprised when despite my period and limitations, they still invite me. I even get invited for 2 hours sometimes.


This is just one more aspect of this work that I simply didn’t know about. Its clear that as much as we believe that escorting is all about sex, apparently and obviously its not always. Its can be about human relations as well. I have met some absolutely fascinating professional men who see me as a very special part of their lives.


all I can say is just “wow” as they have enriched my life as well.