TelAviv Escorting Journey

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I call it my Telaviv Escort Journey I thought I new people, at least pretty well, I also believed I was completly opened minded / tolerant about everyone and every culture. I had an innate trust of people as my “default position. boy, have I been educated. So many different people… I started this  work […]

Telaviv Escort & The Business Woman

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Telaviv Escorting and the Business Woman Every so often I receive emails from couples, more rare is the business woman. Infact I’ve received only 2 since  I’ve been working. So I was quite excited to have received this one.  She was very clear about what she wanted. She wanted me to bring a guy with […]

Whats a Girl to do during her Period?

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Whats a girl to do during her Period? Well, for those who write me an express and interest in me visiting with them during my period, I first make it clear that there is no “main event.” I then offer a few options: 1. The first one is a very erotic time with me, with […]

Fetish? Kinksters? BDSM Lite?

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As an Escort, I do have some clients those who have a kinky side to them. For some of them its the classic foot fetish, others need some humiliation or what I call “BDSM Lite.” It may include a strap-on, some slight pain, cross dressing.  All of that is part of my escorting, providing an […]

Breaking the Rules

Being the Adventurous Tel Aviv Escort As many of you who have read my blogs know, I’m pretty protective of my identity. At the same time this escorting has been a serious adventure, full of risks and surprises. As I prepare for my future profession which will involve international travel, I’m taking many courses. These […]

Trying to Outsmart the Escort

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Smarter than the Escort? As many of you know, those who are my past clients and those who have read through my site and blogs, I’m careful about who I meet. I won’t meet with Israelis who are living in Israel or who have recently left, as I don’t want to meet my boss, my […]

Independent Escorting During the Holidays

The Holidays have now ended in Israel. Israels holidays are based on the Hebrew Calendar which is not in synch with the Gregorian Calendar, which the world uses, this means that the holidays come out on different days each year. This year they were in the middle of the week, which practically meant that for […]