The Escort Lobby Sprint

Hotel Entrance to Elevators: the Exposure For those  who have read my blogs and with whom I have visited, know how I guard my privacy. For the most part I meet my clients in their hotel rooms, which limits my exposure as an escort to the outside world. There is one part of this work […]

Escorting beyond Tel Aviv

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Escort to Caesarea, Jerusalem Although I get offers to travel to Italy, meet someone off the Islands of England, spend a week in New York, I always turn them down. Even closer to home as in Eilat or even Jerusalem. However, I received an offer to visit a older client of mine in Caserea. Caserea […]

Escorting and Uniforms

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Escort Fetish Options: Uniforms For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I do like “dressing up.” The clothes fetish is actually one of my favorites. The look I get from my clients when I enter with “office attire, or my sweat pants (a favorite), is just priceless. Its actually […]

Escort Bartering Works in Tel Aviv

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Escort Tel Aviv / Tel Aviv Escort – Key Words  Way back in Aug I made a barter deal with one of my clients. He would help me / teach me improve my SERP (search engine results page). Basically get on the first page of google organic engine. I received several hours of what was […]

Russian Escorts in Tel Aviv…

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The Russians are Coming…. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the European Song Contest in Israel next month or perhaps just the discovery of a new market. There is however an influx of professional russian escorts visiting Israel recently. Apparently they are well organized with professional pictures (plenty of them), a […]

Escorting with Twitter

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Kims New Escort Twitter Account As so many of you know I now have a twitter account. And it really isn’t too hard to explain. Its not like I’m so totally excited about having yet another social media account for my Tel Aviv Escorting Business. I actually have a Linkedin accout and a Facebook account. […]

My RocketPocket: An Escorts Favorite Toy

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I had to buy a new rocketpocket as the one I’ve been using for the last year, simply got worn out. Think of my toy like a fighter jet with metal fatigue where the frame simply wears out from over use. Though I definitly have a lot of sex in all kinds of variations, I […]

Sweat Pants…from the telaviv escort

tel aviv escort

There are times when I simply don’t have time to go home and change in to something normal. That was my situation a few weeks ago. I arrived in sweat pants. I was slightly embarrassed about it, but I prefer to be on time and less ‘dressed” than be late (anyway, he especially asked for […]

Yoga Pants – a special fetish service from your favorite escort

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The Blonde in Yoga Pants I had a client that had recently read my post about sweat pants and was pleased to know of the option. He however had a thing for Yoga pants, that at least was understandable. Tight as they are, they show every crevice that my body has to offer and of […]

A Present for the Tel Aviv Escort

Tel Aviv Escort

I’ve written before that I have some very special clients, and this time I received a beautiful piece of Jewellery. My initial reaction was uncomfortable and to refuse it. I realise that this makes me very different from so many other girls in this profession. Many of the girls, with websites have a full page […]

Dinner, the Yacht and the Escort

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One of the advantages that my repeat escort clients have is that I’m willing to break out of our standard hotel meet. I’ve seen him over 4 times and by now knew that he loved the water and had a yacht. He always invited me to go with him on a cruise even a short […]

Couples + the Escort Girl (me)

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Being invited to join a couple is always interesting (I have a new page on my own website for that: Girl Love). Since there are now 3 of us, the options and dynamics are  different. A lot of the dynamics really depends upon the girls experience and the mans fantasy. Many times the girl really […]

The Nerdy Escort

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 Amazing what a pair of Glasses can do (just ask superman) Throughout this period of my life where I’m working as an escort, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on research. Some of this involved researching google and its SERP, others included online marketing. Of course I also check out the other girls, my […]

Inviting the Escort Girl

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Being Invited to New York, London, Hawaii When I first started escorting, of course I did my research first. I read a lot about girls that traveled the world escorting as well as those who were invited to many exotic places to join their client or travel with them. There were those web sites where […]

Escorts – the Wet Look

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The Escort Wet Look: Tel Aviv Rain Its been raining recently in Tel Aviv. It seems the City Planners of Israel never studied about the the 100 year flood plan concept. The idea is that the transportation system should be designed to work in different kinds of weather. Once in 100 years should the system […]

Lap Dancing by your Personal Tel Aviv Escort

Lap Dancing: An increase in Requests I like dancing and I simply love the lap dance. The first thing we have to get straight is that I”ve never worked in a strip club, so you can get that out of your mind. As a Tel Aviv Escort, I have to be flexible in taking care […]

Being an Escort with an Attentive Client

Being an Escort with an Attentive Client i know men are in general not very attentive to us woman, especially when it comes to such details our birthdays, anniversaries, our latest necklace etc. There are those rare individual men who do break the mold and its only been since I have been working as an […]

As an Independent Tel Aviv Escort, I have the best clients.

This last week I had my period, so I wasn’t working. Whats most interesting and encouraging has been my clients reaction. The new clients, the ones that dont’ really know me, thank me for my honesty and then keep on looking (though in fact there are very few independent tel aviv escorts (maybe just 5 […]