Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Its summer and I love the Tel Aviv beach,

its not just the wind, the sun, the water, I also enjoy the “stealing looks” from men as I walk by or just sit in the sand. When I’m alone its like I’m a magnet, and its more than just looks i get…..

If I’m with my girlfriends (and their husbands and boyfriends) its more fun. The best is the married man, on the beach with his 2, 3 kids and wife. They’re busy, keeping their kids from running in the wrong direction, building sand castles and in general having a good time, and then he sees me…. Now he really can’t stare at me, at the same time he can’t take his eyes off of me, so he steals looks.

Sometimes he moves so that I’m in line with one of his kids, so while he is building a sand castle, eating watermelon with one of his very cute children he gets to get a quick look at me. If I feel really naughty I actually give him a small smile that says “I know your looking – enjoy,¬† and then I adjust my bikini top. The best is when he is not so embarrassed and he smiles back. Of course he then makes a quick look at his wife to see where she is, she is usually busy with the kids, so he can then steal another look, and when I lie on my stomach I make sure I give him a clear view of my ass and spread my legs just the smallest amount for him. I can never decide if I”m being “mean” by teasing him or letting him have a fantasy that he can take home with him and when he is with his wife he can imagine its me.

Apparently have sex with your wife while imagining¬† / remembering¬† me, is not so uncommon amongst my clients, so perhaps I’m doing a “public service” when I tease them on the beach?