Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Being an Escort with an Attentive Client

i know men are in general not very attentive to us woman, especially when it comes to such details our birthdays, anniversaries, our latest necklace etc. There are those rare individual men who do break the mold and its only been since I have been working as an Independent Tel Aviv Escort have I seen it.

His Visits to Israel

He lives in Europe and is very busy here in Israel with several large clients and their exporting, so he is here quite often and I was to learn that he pretty much decides when the meetings take place and how long he stays. As always i received his email about his upcoming trip and he asked if on a certain date I’ll be available. I answered that I should be, though my period will be starting at some point soon after that.

His answer was that he understood and that and he would like to meet me before obviously, but it was the way that he wrote it that got me interested. He wrote as if he knew I would be having my period during his visit, I thought back to his previous visits. It really didnt take much ‘thinking” as i’ve known him for a quite a while and yes many of his visits were right before or during my period.

My tits happen to grow a few centimeters right before my period. They’re soft and natural and a few more centimeters makes them that much more round and just so much more sexy as they explode out of my t-shirt, so I was wondering if that was why, Did he notice that?

Just Ask

Well not much to do but simply ask him directly, so in my next email to him I asked him if he planned his trips to Israel around my period.

Well surprise surprise, he just answered: I love your big natural tits.

Imagine that, my client was so attentive to me, he not only knew that my tits grew right before my period, but he also payed close attention to when I have my period. In addition he planned business trips to Israel around my period! (boy, if his clients knew that….the timing of major export deals are dependent upon an Israeli independent Escort girl’s period and her big boobs)

Mother Nature

I take it as a complement, mother nature has blessed me with such a wonderful pair of natural boobs and on top of that, she  enlarges them once a month for my clients.I have at least one client whos business trips revolves around my tits!! i wonder how he puts the notation in his calender?

EKBTT  (escort kim big tit time?)