Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

choosing the escort- kim in Tel Aviv

The Escort Choice: I was his third  choice…not very encouraging.

I knocked, the door opened, I smiled and the first thing I heard was “thank god”. Ok, I’m not sure what had happened previously for there to be such a reaction but it certainly was a very original one. I walked over to the chair, so he could get a good look at me while I walked over and sat down. He was still near the door, and I mentioned to him that he should come over and sit in the second chair.

He sat and I then said, before we continue, what was the “thank god” all about. I was thinking about my escort website where I mention that someone once said I was like a “goddess” was it related to that?

He looked me over, smiled again and then explained. He has been in Israel for over a week, and has had some experience with escort girls in other countries. As he arrived he checked out the various portals and websites looking for the girl to invite. At this point he stopped, grabbed his laptop and show me the portals, private sites he visited and explained what attracted him, what didnt, as well as the various prices.

I was not his first choice, it was a pretty young blond from Russia, cheaper than me. He explained that she was cold, mechanical and after a quick and rushed bj and finish, she went to the bathroom, dressed and was gone. I showed him how to check if she works all over the world and is here on her “world tour and is not concerned with service as she will be gone next week.

His next choice was from an escort agency and chose a fantastically beautiful girl (theres were many to choose from ). He confirmed that she would stay for the full hour. The girl arrived, and he wasn’t sure. There was something similar between the picts and the girl, at the sametime, it wasn’t. He actually asked her to point out which is her and she explained the magic of photography, lighting, make up and of course photoshop.

As much as she was nice, her tits were small and she arrived in sandals, even though he was very specific about asking for high heels and saw bigger tits in her pict. So again he felt like he was conned.

One last time, he though to himself, this time he went to the one that was clearly different from all the others. Kim, the one with the funny blog, the Israeli, the escort who actually lives in Israel. and who is more expensive than the others.

He wrote to me, the third escort

In his emails, asked a few questions, but nothing really out of the ordinary, He didnt tell me about his experiences but did want me to confirm as much as I could, about my service, what I look like. Either I convinced him that t was the real thing, or he was just too frustrated to care and decided to take the risk.

When he opened the door and I said hello and smiled, he said he felt the smile was genuine, I looked as I described, and he felt his third choice was the proper one.

Once he explained that to me and I understood that despite reading my site and a few of my blogs he STILL chose someone else (in fact 2x-as both were cheaper), I had to consider my options.


My Price

He explained that the biggest factor was my price, I was simply more expensive than the others. After our time together, of which he did mention that I did make up for the others, I gave it some thought my options on my pricing.

Perhaps one of those cards, where after 5x you get a discount?