Do I really want my Boss / fellow employee / professor to see me like this?


Bear in mind, that being a sexy blonde young girl, I get plenty of looks and  that I live and work in Tel Aviv (my day job) and I have no intention of meeting with my boss, or perhaps my fellow worker, or professor. In order to reduce this risk, I will ask those Israelis who do want a visit from me, a few additional questions.

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Requesting My Picts

This actually is an important section to read, asking for my real pictures may get a strong reaction from me, a sarcastic one or an explanation, depending upon the way you’re asking. To clarify,  I will not be sending any picts over the internet that connects my real private life to this temporary business. (The picts used on this site are excellent body doubles of myself, but are not me).

  • If your claiming that you have “high expectations” therefore I must send you my real pictures, I might correct your English and explain that you what you really want is to be assured. It is I, that have the high expectations. Expectations of  respect for my privacy and security issues.
  • You might be a bit cruder and write something to the affect that you have been “burnt” before and without a pict you cannot possibly invite me. I understand,  but since my own security and privacy take precedent over your past disappointments I shall decline.
  • Or you might simply ask, in a simply worded email that expresses your concern. For those I shall be polite, while I explain why I will not send my pict and  leave you the option of accepting the risk of what I look like, while offering you suggestions of where to continue looking.

In the end however, no matter what you promise, its simply not going to happen.However, for those who are willing to “take the risk” you can read what others have said about my “body doubles.” that I use for picts.

Kim is careful about protecting her identity so her website picture is actually a look-alike double but it’s very close to the way she looks. She is very much the girl next door, a charming and wholesome student, intelligent and friendly. Behind closed doors her other side, sensual and erotic shines through!

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For those of you who are in AirBnbs. This is a bit trickier for me as its like visiting a private apartment, which I do not do. In order for me to visit an AirBnb, I will require a few more layers of proof of identity, such as social media profile, place of employment, airbnb address, etc. Private Apartments Not going to happen, save your dataflow, nothing you can promise will change this policy.