Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

for the best excuse to see an escort

The Best Excuse to convince me to visit a Client

Covid-19 is certainly making  a “mess” of ones plans.

First some background:

I’ve changed my “escorting name” a few times until I settled on Kim.  As I gained experience in digital  marketing I realized I needed a name that fit the international digital world.

Easy to remember, short and long versions, good for multiple languages etc.

At the  same time, I also restricted my clients to just those who were tourists / businesmen and woman. I included Israelis who lived outside the country and were back for short visits.

Not taking no for an Answer

When my fellow Israeli’s. those that live in Israel, would send me an email /whatapp to meet I would always politely tell  them no. Of course my “no” would not always be acccepted so easily. My fellow Israelis would immediately follow up with a few reasons why we still can meet: they are very discrete, they are a govt VIP, they are leaving the country soon, etc. The excuses given  were not very imaginary….

Israelis are returning home

Times have changed as we all know and I do now infact visit with some Israelis.

I recently received an email from one of those past Israeli clients who I visited as a “pre kim.” He is now back in Israel to live.  I have a good memory and  something was familiar with his writing. A few questions and I knew that we had  met  before.

That wasn’t so bad, but when I first started I wasn’t as  guarded as  I am now and mentioned what I was studying. That future profession had some  connections to his. I have now started working in that profession (a little slower than expected thanks to Covid-19).

I told him “no” I can’t meet him. Well he’s a pretty smart guy and just as I recognized his writing style, he recognized mine. Not to mention he also asked me a few questions that only  later did I realize was to confirm his own suspicions about my name change.

I was caught and decided to admit the name change. Still I wasn’t going to meet him. I can’t say how much he remembered about what I looked like, but I wasn’t going to help him.

Best Excuse Ever

However he did make me laugh, with the best excuse to convince me to visit:

He claimed that he was in an accident and has short term memory loss.

Hence he won’t remember me after my visit.