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Blog Comments and Mans DNA

One of my previous blogs was about my reaction to a potential client “try to save me” by offering me a better, non escorting job.

I mentioned that I saw such a proposal as being condescending. More than that, It pissed me off as I saw it defining me as a woman being weak and having to be saved by the man.

I believe I was wrong in such a reaction.

Comments to my Blog

A few of my readers mentioned this to me. Mostly they just hinted at it. However one reader was actually very clear. Basically he wrote that its in a Man’s DNA to want to help a woman.

To use an example:
If I was working in a retail store and started to pick up some big heavy boxes, I would assume most men (especially the younger ones) would offer to help. The would see that something is not right with that “picture.”

And no doubt, I would infact expect that to happen.

Escorting is not a life time profession and its something I’ve made clear in many of my blogs. Given my blogs,  Man’s need to help the woman in distress, my natural blond hair, tight ass and natural tits, well I shouldn’t have been surprised by those offers that I received.

If I was a man, who has met me, or feel they know me through my blogs,  I too would want to help me go to my next stage.

It would be a natural reaction.

I apologise to my Readers and all men

I appreciate our differences, I like that men and women are different.

Just as important, I thank those who wrote me, to explain to me what I had missed.

However, I do preserve my anger at the pseudo feminists. It is they that seem to feel my working as an escort is a “blemish” on their society.

Jobs I’m Open to..

Since I’ve now made clear that I am infact open to job offers, I probably should at least clarify what I”m willing to consider:

  • Underwater Work (involving deep sea diving)
  • Research in the Arctic / Antarctica
  • Space Travel (I will even consider trading sexual favors for this one)
  • Rainforest Research