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The stories within these blogs are all based on actual escorting events.  Obviously I don’t want my clients to feel as if they have been compromised  so I’ve changed the identifying details.

escorting and size

Escorting and Size

Escorting / Skills and Size Escorting requires a few skills, some of them are physical skills and some of them involve reading between the lines

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escort prostrate massage

The Prostrate Massage

The Prostrate Massage from your friendly TelAviv Escort I actually get quite a few request for the prostrate massage. Infact sometimes its all they want

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Breaking the Rules

Being the Adventurous Tel Aviv Escort As many of you who have read my blogs know, I’m pretty protective of my identity. At the same

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tel aviv escorting

Escorting and Uniforms

Escort Fetish Options: Uniforms For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I do like “dressing up.” The clothes fetish

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escort nerd tel aviv

The Nerdy Escort

The Escort and the Nerd  Amazing what a pair of Glasses can do (just ask superman) Throughout this period of my life where I’m working

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Beach Hottie

Its summer and I love the Tel Aviv beach, its not just the wind, the sun, the water, I also enjoy the “stealing looks” from

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escort sex

Marriage Saver…..

Escort as Marriage Saver Before I started working as a private escort, during the period when I was considering it, I did my research. Read

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tel aviv escort

My Hidden Desire…

In every meeting I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I

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Motorcycles and Escorting

There really isn’t a connection between my escorting and motorcycles. I still have however fond memories from the days when my friends had motorcycles and

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Winter Escorting

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it

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The Naked escort Therapist…..

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Naked Escort Therapist One of the more interesting aspects of this job is that  I get to play “therapist.” Being naked with an escort

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Escort and CPU usage

I was going to write something sexy about one of my latest escort clients (he specifically looked for an independent escort). He emailed me, I

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The Clothed Fetish

I mentioned that I would write about the various fetishes that I’ve come across. This one is about Clothed sex. He likes me to keep

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Six Day War

Today its 50 years since the six day war and I have a client who was a young paratrooper in that war. He has told

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