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The Blond Escort Babe

Did you know that more “distraction” accidents are caused by blondes wearing baseball hats than any other type of accident? Statistics have shown that if you have a slim blond girl, with a nice bust, tight ass and and long hair, put a baseball hat on her with a pony tail, there will be more human accidents around her.

These are not just car accidents, but during baseball games, more batters are hit in the head, or ‘walked” during amature games. More people, walk into light poles, if a blond is jogging by. There are far more bicycle accidents as well.

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After reading that article I decided to test it out myself. I put on my baseball hat, set up my pony tail, put on my tight yoga pants and went for a walk / jog. I put in my earbuds as if I was busy, but kept the music off so I could look around  🙂

It was fun, I’m used to getting looked at / stared at/ but this was beyond normal :), especially when I smiled at them when they were trying not to stare at me. Though I didn’t cause any car accidents,  I did see one girlfriend get really mad at her boyfriend who followed me with his eyes, a group of american tourists pretty much ignored their tour guide who was explaining something while I slowly jogged around him….and then of course I stopped to rest and took off my hat and did the girl thing of throwing my hair back (you know like Rita Hayworth as “Gilda in the movies).

so though my little experiment was not scientific I do believe there is something to that, and I shall have to add THE BASEBALL HAT to options for my clients…all you have to do is ask  🙂

Perhaps I should have my Escort website URL on the back of my shirt while I jog or on my hat

Relative Amount of Men Being Distracted in the Vicinity of Slim women jogging: Blonds vs Brunettes

(you’ll have to read the original study as to how distraction is defined as well as actual accidents vs mere distractions – there is sub section of “girlfriend/wives getting mad at boyfriends/husbands as well).