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The Boss (continued).

Over a year and half ago my boss went looking for an escort and found “me.” He didn’t know that he was emailing one of his employees and I had some fun with him, teasing him every so often in the office. After all I knew what he was looking for and what he liked (I would get that information out from his emails.- you can read that blog here)

I was asked by many of my loyal blog readers what happened. I decided not to write anything else since I knew that my boss was also in fact reading my blogs and it would be obvious to him tha one of his employees is also kim. Infact in some of his subsequent emails to kim, he was trying to figure that out.

He is now no longer my boss and is working outside of the country, and I did promise him (kim) that when he leaves his job, I might even tell him which employee is the escort kim.

As a boss he was great, I suspect that at one point he must have worked for the Mossad, as there was never even the slightest hint of the sexual “energy” that was stirring inside of him.

When he reads this, there is no doubt in my mind that he will realize which employee Kim “is” but then I do enjoy lifes fun and games.

Boss Employee Escort Relationship

As to be expected once I explained to him that I don’t meet with my fellow Israelis, what almost always happens, is the attempt to convince me to meet them. He however to his credit was a bit more sophisticated in his attempts. He didnt try the: I’m married and have to be discrete too “line”.

He actually offered to meet me outside of the country. He would send me the money (take the risk) and we would meet in Cyprus. I would remain anonymous to him (my real name still being a secret).

Smart guy, I thought, but of course I turned it down. Every so often during these email exchanges I would ask something personal such as what color he likes (for my nails), or “if” we were to meet, what kind shirt he would like me to wear.

Being careful I would alternate between colors, clothes, hair styles etc. This went on for about a year actually. He actually mentioned about this girl in the office a few times that fits his fantasy. Slowly he realized that no matter what he promised, I was never going to give in. I even sent him links to other girls. (though he said he wasn’t interested as my blog mesmerized him). I even caught him reading my blog one evening.

What was I suppose to do I thought, pretend I didnt see the open browser window? Well after I dropped off the papers on his desk, I just mentioned that I also like reading kims blogs and quickly turned around and walked back to my office, which really left him in a little bit of shock or so I assume as I didnt turn and look.

He was starting to put 2 and 2 together and wondering if I was Kim. During the work hours he would be looking at me a little bit differently, its like the energy changed. Was he looking at my nail colors and wondering if its because of him. (or maybe that was just my imagination as none of the others girls mentioned anything-and we did gossip about him).

Did he want to discuss Kim’s latest blog with me?

Well I never did tell himĀ  but as he is now reading this blog, it will be obvious to him that his part time employee that worked on the same floor as him and would work “crazy” hours because of her own schedule. (yes and sometimes disappear for a few hours in the middle of the day), was the same escort girl he was writing. (My contract with the company stated that I had to work a certain number hours per month either in the office or out.)

I suspect he will write me and depending upon what he writes and his permission I will either continue this blog with his reaction or not.

And when he does read this, he should know, that he was a wonderful boss, a fair boss and he gets my greatest respect (even though I teased the hell out of him).