Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Being the Adventurous Tel Aviv Escort

As many of you who have read my blogs know, I’m pretty protective of my identity. At the same time this escorting has been a serious adventure, full of risks and surprises.

As I prepare for my future profession which will involve international travel, I’m taking many courses. These courses also include visiting experts, consultants etc.

This last week we were just finishing up a small seminar with a visiting expert, who clearly had eyes for the ladies in our small seminar. Infact he had time keeping his eyes off a few of us.

and me being me, I couldnt help but tease him a bit, a shorter dress, a thin bra where my nipples would show, that kind of thing. Also letting him see my long slim legs. It was fun.

We spoke a few times during the week during the breaks and I made it clear that I’m not available, he was dissappointed. Profesonally he clearly knew his subject and was a wonderful speaker, the kind of person you want to have a connection to in the future.

Emailing the Escort

It wasnt really a surprise but as the week ended, his attempts to meet me in the evening failed, Kim received an email from him.

I already new where he was staying, when he was leaving so it wasnt too hard to identify him. And of course I do require full name so that pretty much confirmed it.

Now of course came the question, should I visit with him or not. He did fit my criteria of being a short time visitor, on the other hand, we will probably meet again in the future (actually I would hope to as he is an expert in his field) and our professions  are related. Such a meeting no doubt will certainly be awkward.

and I couldnt resist. Its the look upon his face when I walk in to his hotel room that I simply can’t resist. I decided to meet him the night after our last lecture with him, knowing that he flies out late in the morning. This means after our little going away party and he goes back to his room all horny because I’m going to tease him a bit during the party, he’ll get his reward.

The Escort Reward

The party was fun and my heart was going so fast as I too was getting excited to see him that night.

During the party he was texting Kim, so I had to sneak away and text him back at his own party. I asked him what he wanted me to wear, if blondes turned him on. I was just playing with him, watching him try to be social to everyone (including me) all the while trying to find some time to text me as his phone beeped.

He kept looking at his watch as the party died out around 22:00 and it was time to get ready for our 23:00 meeting. He practically ran out of the room to get back to the hotel in time. It was really fun watching him, but the real fun was soon to begin.

I told him to leave the door open and he is to be at the back of the hotel room so he can watch me come in and I can watch his confusion and his stuttering while he tries to find the words.


Escort Fun

I really do get excited about this. As planned I entered the room, and just stood there for a few seconds so he could catch his breath. He’s been dreaming about me all week and finally I’m really there: Hi Heels, flowing dress, open shirt. First his mouth opens, then he smiles, then he laughs and shakes his head..he cannot believe this is actually happening.

That smart, sexy blond that has been teasing him the whole week, that he has been lusting after is actually now in his hotel room and soon he will have his hands on her natually large tits, kissing and sucking on her nipples, putting his hand between her legs…

and then he thinks, maybe there really is a god (he is agnostic).

Meeting Again as Professionals

Will we meet again as professionals? its quite possible in a few years. Maybe he’ll be my boss, my consultant, my colleague, however it turns out, no doubt it will be a special relationship. 🙂

And of course the plane trip home might be difficult one, as he might have trouble falling asleep with nowhere on the plane to “take care of himself.”