Escorts – the Wet Look

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The Escort Wet Look: Tel Aviv Rain Its been raining recently in Tel Aviv. It seems the City Planners of Israel never studied about the the 100 year flood plan concept. The idea is that the transportation system should be designed to work in different kinds of weather. Once in 100 years should the system […]

Lap Dancing by your Personal Tel Aviv Escort

Lap Dancing: An increase in Requests I like dancing and I simply love the lap dance. The first thing we have to get straight is that I”ve never worked in a strip club, so you can get that out of your mind. As a Tel Aviv Escort, I have to be flexible in taking care […]

Being an Escort with an Attentive Client

Being an Escort with an Attentive Client i know men are in general not very attentive to us woman, especially when it comes to such details our birthdays, anniversaries, our latest necklace etc. There are those rare individual men who do break the mold and its only been since I have been working as an […]

As an Independent Tel Aviv Escort, I have the best clients.

This last week I had my period, so I wasn’t working. Whats most interesting and encouraging has been my clients reaction. The new clients, the ones that dont’ really know me, thank me for my honesty and then keep on looking (though in fact there are very few independent tel aviv escorts (maybe just 5 […]

Independent Escorting During the Holidays

The Holidays have now ended in Israel. Israels holidays are based on the Hebrew Calendar which is not in synch with the Gregorian Calendar, which the world uses, this means that the holidays come out on different days each year. This year they were in the middle of the week, which practically meant that for […]

A Small Price Adjustment for Better ROI (return on investment for the independent escort)

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My Independent escort blog seems to have developed in to 3 basic sections: My clients and their interactions with me. My Website: technical issues as well as my website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Escort Economics, specifically the application of the Independent Escort Economics Theory, known as IEET) This blog is about number 3, applying […]

One or Two hours for the Independent Escort visit

As a independent escort, one would automatically assume that I prefer a two hour meeting with the client as opposed to one hour. Well its only been recently that I’ve become more comfortable with two hours. In fact in the beginning I would actually refuse the to meet for two hours. I wasn’t sure what […]

Hypnotize Me: Your Independent Escorts in Tel Aviv

Hypnotize Me: Your Independent Escort in Israel Early in the emails he told me he was not interested in Full Service. Not that he didn’t like it, but that it was no longer a physiological possibility. He just couldn’t finish with FS, and anyway he like the visual of a womans full body in front […]

Escort as Therapist…helping one explore ones inner-self

  Tel Aviv Escort Therapist: Helping to Explore ones “inner-self” When we first met, he was I could say my “average client.” Smart guy, hi techy, late 40’s married and just looking for some extra fun, to get what he no longer “gets’ at home. The hour spent together was mutually satisfactory for both of […]

The Escort Barter

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Bartering is as old as the Human Race I never imagined how much time I would spend on marketing when I decided to work as an TelAviv Escort. I thought I would make a small website, put in a few ads in a few places and watch the emails start entering my “inbox.” And this […]

Tel Aviv Escorts and Boutique Beers in Tel Aviv

I like Beer, not just as a Private Escort in Tel Aviv, but as a normal young lady that enjoys going out in to Tel Aviv’s night life. Our Rabbi’s have a history of established brewers in the sixth century so the tradition is very old.  Apparently microbreweries are growing industry in Israel as there […]

My Boss is looking for a Private Escort in Tel Aviv for Companionship

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My boss sent an email to Kim inquiring about her availability as he is looking for some companionship. I”m sure your first question is how did I recognize that it was him, well, it was his English. He’s an Israeli with very good English but he likes certain phrases that he uses over and over […]

Pandering to Google-My Escort Service

Forgive me readers, but this is about Google and me being a telaviv escort girl.   This post is all about pandering to Google. One of the fastest changing aspects in todays world is the internet. With the changing laws worldwide concerning internet advertising for sex-workers, and escort girl my position in Google’s organic engine […]

Beach Hottie

Its summer and I love the Tel Aviv beach, its not just the wind, the sun, the water, I also enjoy the “stealing looks” from men as I walk by or just sit in the sand. When I’m alone its like I’m a magnet, and its more than just looks i get…..   If I’m […]

Gay Parade = busy week

We had the gay parade here in Israel a few days ago and it was really fun. Israel is considered “gay friendly” and its a big tourist draw as well. Though I know the hotels certainly enjoyed the increase in business, the restaurants sure did, and so did I. It seems it brings out the […]

Israeli Escort Pride-Eurovision Song Contest

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Israeli Escort Pride…it was a long night as we celebrated our winning the European Song Contest. Its part of my “dual life” that I live presently. Proud to be an Israeli, proud to live here and proud of my country’s accomplishments be it winning the world song contest or developing and transferring water technologies that […]

Marriage Saver…..

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Before I started working as a private escort, during the period when I was considering it, I did my research. Read what other escorts wrote about, read what the social workers wrote about, didn’t read to much what the men wrote about, as there wasn’t much to read… So this is where it gets interesting […]

Best Escort Discounts in Tel Aviv, Israel

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In my last post about Israeli memorial / independence day, I mentioned how I give my IDF Reserve Soldier Clients a discount. I look upon it as the least I can do for them and its not for any kind of marketing promotion. Its pretty well known that in the world of internet marketing, giving […]