Israel’s Memorial Day / Independence Day from an Escorts POV

private escort IDF solider

For those who have been reading my posts I write about many things from my escorting, to the technical problems of my website and little bit about my own “love of country” – Israel. Today is Israels’ Independence day, Israel puts its Memorial day the day before its Independence day, which makes for an emotional […]

An Escort Emergency service

I receive an email recently with the strangest title: Escort  Emergency. Obviously this caught my interest and I answered. A few emails later I understood the problem and we set up a time to meet. And we met, he certainly enjoyed himself  (as did I) and I then asked him If I could copy his […]

The Overly Excited Tel Aviv Escort Client

Usually the man is about 45+ and has not seen “much action” over the last 10 years and is very excited about his invitation for his TelAviv Escorts Married or Divorced but always conservative, sticking to the basics, be it his wife, girlfriend or even an short romance: kiss kiss kiss, grab tits, bj, missionary […]

The Mask….an escort service

One of my goals is to give my client not just “good service ” but to give them a memory they can take back with them. A fantasy come true. In erotic strip shows/peepshows, sometimes some of the girls wear a face mask as they walk around teasing the men staring at them, letting them […]

Reading Between the Lines (escort emails)

One of my more time consuming tasks are the emails. It is here where the first contact starts and the first impressions are made. And its here where I try to separate myself from the competition.  I want to show how warm I am, that I do want you to enjoy our time together, that […]

Anticipating my escort entrance

One of the most exciting moments for me (the escort) and for the client is when I come out of the bathroom dressed in one of my outfits. When I open the door of the bathroom and step in to the room so they can see me, I can almost hear their heart beating, trying to […]

I was graded, and I got a “C” (71%) on my Performance

I really didn’t understand, I get constant compliments on the quality of my work, on the appearance, yet when I asked one of my clients how does one get tested he explained it to me and then when we did it, the result was a C – 71%. Granted I did much better on the […]

I (escort) forgot the condoms….

It was raining, I was cold, I didn’t want to be late and I couldn’t find just where I put my latest surprise to one of my first regular clients…a short black dress (no panties). I looked in the closet next to the bed, in the dryer, no where to be found. I went to […]

GFE service: The Girl Friend Experience

As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience), and its an escort service that I have as an option on my website. However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it. For me its in the attitude that I […]

The School Dress (worn by the escort)

The school girl dress (worn by me, your escort). What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, […]

My Hidden Desire…

tel aviv escort

In every meeting I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I wear my “see-thru school dress, or my leather boot, stocking combination, I will get a very positive reaction, I actually want more from you. (and Yes I promise to write […]

Real-Time Marketing and Escorting

One of the cooler things about my escorting I’ve noticed is that when I write up about something, for instance wearing a baseball hat and having my pony tail stick out,  I get requests for it. Its like there is some secret desires in people that are only let out when their “given permission.” When […]

Being a Freelancer- having my own Escort Business

One of the more interesting aspects of my escorting is the education in being a freelancer. I never really gave this much thought, but it does fit nicely in to my future plans. Its not just the scheduling of my clients (btw, I am now getting advanced scheduling, months in advanced) and balancing the unexpected […]

The Blonde escort and the Baseball hat – studies have shown…

tel aviv escort

Did you know that more “distraction” accidents are caused by blondes wearing baseball hats than any other type of accident? Statistics have shown that if you have a slim blond girl, with a nice bust, tight ass and and long hair, put a baseball hat on her with a pony tail, there will be more […]

Motorcycles and Escorting

There really isn’t a connection between my escorting and motorcycles. I still have however fond memories from the days when my friends had motorcycles and I would go along for the ride. It was like in the movies, us “young” strong, pretty bunch of teens crusing around on our fast bikes.   We were lucky […]

Winter Escorting

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it means its time to break out the leather boots, the winter jacket (and I can wear something very sexy underneath. Its just so sexy to walk into a hotel with […]

I’m Back to Escorting: Holidays are Over

Wow…the holidays here are long. As much as I loved seeing my family and the get togethers its even nice to get back to my own life. And much of that life involves my escorting where I get to meet some of the most interesting guys around Now lets do a little bit of picture […]

Recommending my Escort Competition

There are times when a clients schedule and mine simply don’t work out. His / Her free time and mine simply don’t coincide. At this point I have a few options, the first one is the probably the most widely used one by all escorts, which is when its clear there wont be a meeting, […]

Thanking my Clients from the bottom of my escort heart

You guys have been great, its the holidays and I have family visiting.  My time as an escort is limited and I’ve been changing our agreed upon times a few times and my time with family changes. Also,  I really haven’t always been able to bring along my “yoga pants or secretary outfit, and you […]

Escorting during the Holidays

Well the holidays are here, that means family get togethers and a break from escorting, whether I want to or not. Not much scheduling to do, so it also means that I’ll be needing some private time for myself  🙂 Even where there are emails and dates to make, many will have to be turned […]