Kim’s Tel Aviv Escort Reviews and Comments

Hi Guys….now I need some input from you my clients. I have a page on my site that quotes a few clients who visited me, but those go back to last year. I have a link to TER which reviews escort girls as well, but they are few. So, I need to refresh my quotes […]

Escort Clients: The Various Professions

Since my hourly is not low, most of my clients are professionals, that are visiting Israel for professional reasons. They are almost always very interesting, outside of their profession they usually have interesting hobbies as well.   For example, one of my clients loves to do illustrations and offered to draw me (see the  pict-only […]

Independent Escort Economics

Listen up guys (and gals if there are any reading this), this will be the first lecture on escort economics for the private, independent escort.   To begin with this week I”ve had my period and couldn’t work and the timing was perfect as I’ve had a drop in emails this week. Not so much […]

Special Escort Clients- Role Playing

When I first started designing my website I did my research on the high end sites. I was always amazed at how the women on these sites had a section for presents. There they listed all kinds of expensive jewerly, fancy lingerie, dinner clothes that their clients were invited to buy them. I wondered if […]

Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation – or just too excited with an escort

One of the more interesting aspects of my secret life are the different variations of the erection. I’ve come across premature ejaculation as well as andropause as well as the erectile dysfunction. Now if you believe you have a medical problem, then there are actual clinics that can help you. However I’ve also discovered in […]

Escorting and the Hidden Needs (Humiliation)

As many of you know, those who have written me, visited with me, I also do what is known as “humiliation” (what I call BDSM lite).   You shall call me “Mistress”   This is when the hi priced lawyer, the powerful businessman, the CEO of some hi tech company for some psychological reason needs […]

The Naked escort Therapist…..

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Naked Escort Therapist One of the more interesting aspects of this job is that  I get to play “therapist.” Being naked with an escort girl seems to be just what some men (woman) need to relax and let themselves go. For many of my clients we may spend 10 minutes having sex (just like […]

Escort and CPU usage

I was going to write something sexy about one of my latest escort clients (he specifically looked for an independent escort). He emailed me, I answered, and within 5 hours I was visiting him. However instead of writing about the wine, the tuxedo, even the piano,  you get a rant about the CPU usage and […]

Escort Birthday Present

Its happened a few times already when I get an email from a male who wants me to be the present to his wife. Its never really clear to me in the beginning as to whom I”m really the escort present for  – for him, who wants to have two women with him, for his […]

Sex Escort Communication – Email

Quite a few times I’ll be asked for my phone number from a potential client, and the answer will always be no. No question that it would make me setting up the meetings easier, it would be faster and easier to get a “feel” for the client by the way they talk, their accent etc. […]

The Clothed Fetish

I mentioned that I would write about the various fetishes that I’ve come across. This one is about Clothed sex. He likes me to keep my clothes on. I’ve been with him a few times now, so sometimes I come as a secretary including glasses with the tight dress down to my knees and tits […]

Nice Surprise – clients are reading my escort blog

Its been a nice surprise, When potential clients write me asking about when we can meet, they also mention my blog, that they have been reading it and its left a very good impression on them. I admit I really wasn’t considering that when I decided to open up a blog. My inital goal was […]

Fetish – Foot, Hi Heels

This will be the first of many, Fetish’s are a part of my life as a provider. Whats surprising is the large variety of them that I encounter, though I have yet to meet the “furry ones” I’ve met quite a few interesting ones. The most benign and yet one that keeps me feeling classy […]

Six Day War

Today its 50 years since the six day war and I have a client who was a young paratrooper in that war. He has told me little about the actual war, but what he did talk about was the period before the war, the waiting period, when they knew, that  the arab armies that were […]

W4W – Female Escorting

and the answer is yes……I do enjoy being with other woman, as I am bisexual. Its different with woman and I have even set up a second website site that purpose.   Though I don’t promote it enough. I really don’t even know the market for female escorting, but it exists. So far […]

Finding an Escort / Provider / Callgirl in Israel

Finding an Escort / Provider / Call girl in Israel Looking for an Escort / Provider / Call Girl in Tel Aviv Israel? On this post I”ll go through your various options be you a couple, a woman or a male. Here I’ll write about the real independents, the pseudo independents, the part- timers, the […]

Best TelAviv Escort Website Design in the World

I”ve just upgraded my design (again) but this time I’m really really satisfied. I searched the web for good escort website designs and actually found very few that I liked. I was going for the “Elite look. the Hi- Class Escort Look” One that clearly states that I have good taste, I’m intelligent, that I”m […]

Escort Screening- its a small global village

Every so often I receive an email from an escort on the other side of the globe, Jennifer Baily (, asking me about a client of mine. Its just a simple email checking up on his identity for verification purposes and if he falls within the general guidelines of “escort normal” (that will be different blog […]

Escort Internet Marketing- Busty Escort with Real Picts

Now this a challenge. Google does not allow for escorting ads, so I’m limited to forums, and google organic’s list. I’ve done my reading, I’ve received advice and help from my clients (some are digital professionals),  I know my stats on Google Analytics, my page rank, who visits, which pages, key words, meta descriptions, SEO, […]

Natural Big Boobs and my Day Job – dividing my brain.

I”ve got an “hour glass” type of body with big Naturals (that means natural big tits), long legs and flowing blond hair. This is great for escorting, sometimes problematic for my day job (though not always). Whats worse however is the politics that comes with working in a company, defending ones turf, passing the buck, […]