TLV Escort Nightmare

tlv escort nightmare

The Escort Nightmare: Police and Secret Service For those who have been reading my blogs, know that as a tlv escort I “dread” the hotel lobby. Its a place where I want to be as discrete as possible (read my blog about the lobby sprint). Of course that may be hard to do when the […]

Spelling & Escorting

Spelling & Escorting

Spelling & Escorting….Spelling  Matters Whats a girl to do? People search for escorts in Tel Aviv using various spellings of Tel Aviv. Is there a space between Tel and Aviv? is the person searching for an escort typing fast and writing TelAviv and not Tel-Aviv? Google pays attention to this and ranks my escort site […]

Escorting & Boutique Hotels

escorts boutique hotels

Boutique Hotel: Getting Locked Out in the Rain Boutique hotels are all the rage now in Tel Aviv. Sometimes old buildings refurbished, older hotels redesigned with a specific artsy feel. They are small and can create a certain challange for the me, the independent escort. Finding the Entrance These smaller refurbished buildings may have their […]

Independent Escort and the Airbnb

airbnb - independent escort

Independent Escort and the Airbnb I have a section on one of my pages about having to start to visiting Airbnbs. As a Tel Aviv Escort its not that comfortable. Airbnbs have now taken a larger percentage of my visits. They also add a few additional layers of information and therefore time before I can […]

Kim: Independent Escorting

Kim - independent escort Tel Aviv

Independent Escorting My Support  Group Though I am as independent as it gets it doesnt mean I dont have other professionals that I need and use. What I don’t have is someone sending me to meet clients. It is I that makes my meetings, decides upon the time, agrees to the place (or not) and […]

Escort to-do-list

escort to-do-list

Escort meets the to-do-list Some people just “go with the flow” and others can’t move without their to do list. There are those who have their “to-do-list” scribbled on a paper and then there are those who have their to do list, listed with numbers an notes. The email exchange was relativly normal but….I couldn’t […]

Exotic Escort’s Diary

escort diary kim independent Tel Aviv escort

An Exotic Escort’s Diary This is a link to an Escort Diary that many of my readers will find interesting. It appears that shes been working as an escort since 2011 and has been writing ever since. She goes by the name Sahar and her full website is: What make her diary especially interesting […]

Being the Third Escort Choice…

choosing the escort- kim in Tel Aviv

The Escort Choice: I was his third  choice…not very encouraging. I knocked, the door opened, I smiled and the first thing I heard was “thank god”. Ok, I’m not sure what had happened previously for there to be such a reaction but it certainly was a very original one. I walked over to the chair, […]

Boss Employee and Escort

breaking my escort rules

The Boss (continued). Over a year and half ago my boss went looking for an escort and found “me.” He didn’t know that he was emailing one of his employees and I had some fun with him, teasing him every so often in the office. After all I knew what he was looking for and […]

Rockets / Defense & Escorting

escorting while rockets fly

Escorting while Rockets (real ones) Fly… This morning, first thing I did  as per my  habit, I checked my emails for escorting work. And then I started reading the news: Israel woke up to increased tensions between Gaza and Israel after Israel took out the leader of Islamic Jihad. As can be expected they reacted […]

Escorting and Size

escorting and size

Escorting / Skills and Size Escorting requires a few skills, some of them are physical skills and some of them involve reading between the lines of the emails. For the most part most of the emails that I receive the client at some point in the emails gives me short description of himself, such as  […]

Escort consultant- kim

escort consultant

The Escort as a Consultant The email starts off with how much he is impressed with my SEO skills and my SERP (my position in Googles Organic Search Engine). I’m thinking…..ok where is this going? A job offer? A consultant?. Usually emails start off with how impressed they are with my site, or how much […]

Yom Kippur- Time for Reflection

escort reflection

Yom Kippur – Time for Reflection Yom Kippur a​ solemn Jewish holiday where we review the past year. Its also a time where  we remember the Yom Kippur war in 1973. This double whammy makes for a very difficult day. In addition to that I reflect upon my own life as an independent escort. The […]

The Escorts Dilemma

escort friends in tel aviv

The Escorting Dilemma in Tel Aviv It was a Saturday, a day I dont work and we decided to have a late lunch at a resturant overlooking the beach in Tel Aviv. It was a bit too cold to go into the water as summer is now leaving us, still the surfers were still there […]

The Prostrate Massage

escort prostrate massage

The Prostrate Massage from your friendly TelAviv Escort I actually get quite a few request for the prostrate massage. Infact sometimes its all they want from me. We should start off with an article about it: Sexual Prostate Massage: 
The Ultimate in Orgasmic Sex 
for Men And though when i first started working as an […]

The Convention and my Escorting

Kim's Escort Lobby Sprint

My first convention as an Escort in TelAviv I worked out a time to visit my new client (from India), late afternoon and it was all pretty normal until I entered the hotel. My reaction was something to the effect of “what the f**k is going on here.” There were hundreds of Indians in the […]

The Dumb Blonde Sterotype

telaviv escort

The Dumb Blonde Sterotype I get it, I’m a natural blonde, I’m an escort, I have nice large tits and a slim figure. I fit the stereotype of being the “dumb blonde.” HOWEVER, once you start reading my website, reading my blogs one would think that the clients (or potential clients), would realize that I’m […]

TelAviv Escorting Journey

telaviv escorts

I call it my Telaviv Escort Journey I thought I new people, at least pretty well, I also believed I was completly opened minded / tolerant about everyone and every culture. I had an innate trust of people as my “default position. boy, have I been educated. In TelAviv I’ve meet so many different people […]

Telaviv Escort & The Business Woman

telaviv escort

Telaviv Escorting and the Business Woman Every so often I receive emails from couples, more rare is the business woman. Infact I’ve received only 2 since  I’ve been working. So I was quite excited to have received this one.  She was very clear about what she wanted. She wanted me to bring a guy with […]