Rockets / Defense & Escorting

escorting while rockets fly

Escorting while Rockets (real ones) Fly… This morning, first thing I did  as per my  habit, I checked my emails for escorting work. And then I started reading the news: Israel woke up to increased tensions between Gaza and Israel after Israel took out the leader of Islamic Jihad. As can be expected they reacted […]

Escorting and Size

escorting and size

Escorting / Skills and Size Escorting requires a few skills, some of them are physical skills and some of them involve reading between the lines of the emails. For the most part most of the emails that I receive the client at some point in the emails gives me short description of himself, such as  […]

Escort consultant- kim

escort consultant

The Escort as a Consultant The email starts off with how much he is impressed with my SEO skills and my SERP (my position in Googles Organic Search Engine). I’m thinking…..ok where is this going? A job offer? A consultant?. Usually emails start off with how impressed they are with my site, or how much […]

Yom Kippur- Time for Reflection

escort reflection

Yom Kippur – Time for Reflection Yom Kippur a​ solemn Jewish holiday where we review the past year. Its also a time where  we remember the Yom Kippur war in 1973. This double whammy makes for a very difficult day. In addition to that I reflect upon my own life as an independent escort. The […]

The Escorts Dilemma

escort friends in tel aviv

The Escorting Dilemma in Tel Aviv It was a Saturday, a day I dont work and we decided to have a late lunch at a resturant overlooking the beach in Tel Aviv. It was a bit too cold to go into the water as summer is now leaving us, still the surfers were still there […]

The Prostrate Massage

escort prostrate massage

The Prostrate Massage from your friendly TelAviv Escort I actually get quite a few request for the prostrate massage. Infact sometimes its all they want from me. We should start off with an article about it: Sexual Prostate Massage: 
The Ultimate in Orgasmic Sex 
for Men And though when i first started working as an […]

The Convention and my Escorting

telaviv escort

My first convention as an Escort in TelAviv I worked out a time to visit my new client (from India), late afternoon and it was all pretty normal until I entered the hotel. My reaction was something to the effect of “what the f**k is going on here.” There were hundreds of Indians in the […]

Whats a Girl to do during her Period?

escort prostrate massage telaviv

Whats a girl to do during her Period? Well, for those who write me an express and interest in me visiting with them during my period, I first make it clear that there is no “main event.” I then offer a few options: 1. The first one is a very erotic time with me, with […]

Fetish? Kinksters? BDSM Lite?

tel aviv escorts

The Escort and BDSM Option As an Escort, I do have some clients those who have a kinky side to them. For some of them its the classic foot fetish, others need some humiliation or what I call “BDSM Lite.” It may include a strap-on, some slight pain, cross dressing.  All of that is part […]

Trying to Outsmart the Escort

kim private escort tel aviv

Smarter than the Escort? As many of you know, those who are my past clients and those who have read through my site and blogs, I’m careful about who I meet. I won’t meet with Israelis who are living in Israel or who have recently left, as I don’t want to meet my boss, my […]

Russian Escorts in Tel Aviv…

tel aviv escorts

The Russians are Coming…. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the European Song Contest in Israel next month or perhaps just the discovery of a new market. There is however an influx of professional russian escorts visiting Israel recently. Apparently they are well organized with professional pictures (plenty of them), a […]

Escorting with Twitter

tel aviv escort

Kims New Escort Twitter Account As so many of you know I now have a twitter account. And it really isn’t too hard to explain. Its not like I’m so totally excited about having yet another social media account for my Tel Aviv Escorting Business. I actually have a Linkedin accout and a Facebook account. […]

My RocketPocket: An Escorts Favorite Toy

telaviv escorts

Kim’s Rocket Pocket I had to buy a new rocketpocket as the one I’ve been using for the last year, simply got worn out. Think of my toy like a fighter jet with metal fatigue where the frame simply wears out from over use. Though I definitly have a lot of sex in all kinds […]

Yoga Pants – a special fetish service from your favorite escort

tel aviv escort

The Blonde in Yoga Pants I had a client that had recently read my post about sweat pants and was pleased to know of the option. He however had a thing for Yoga pants, that at least was understandable. Tight as they are, they show every crevice that my body has to offer and of […]

Hypnotize Me: Your Independent Escorts in Tel Aviv

Hypnotize Me: Your Independent Escort in Israel Early in the emails he told me he was not interested in Full Service. Not that he didn’t like it, but that it was no longer a physiological possibility. He just couldn’t finish with FS, and anyway he like the visual of a womans full body in front […]

TelAviv Escort Service-Name Required

TelAviv Escort: Name Required: This is to clarify why I request your full name and why if I do not get your full real name, we shall not meet. And make no mistake, there are no second chances. When I ask for your name I expect it to be real. For some hotels after certain […]