Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Conning the Tel-Aviv Escort

Conning the Tel-Aviv Escort

Actually a better up to date title would be the “Attempted conning of the Tel-Aviv escort. I’ve been getting all kinds of emails recently from various  people that seem  to want to  be  my friend, to be their mentor, to be their spirtual  guide.

I’m just a Tel-Aviv Escort  with  a semi-funny blog. This does not really  give any special insights in life. That however is the angle the internet cons are taking.

As an Ecort I was Conned in the Past

When I first started escorting, there was a lot to learn about advertising. Obviously I had a  lot to learn and no one  to ask. Looking back at the interaction  it now seems obvious, however at the time I had no tools or experience.  The cost wasn’t too  high, I never forgot and it made me very aware of the dangers in the digital world.

Escorts Learn From Mistakes

Like everyone else, we learn best from our mistakes. Its those embarrassing mistakes that we never forget. We’re even embarrassed to admit them, even when drunk, but we NEVER forget them. Which btw explains  why I’m never impressed by anyone who has not made mistakes. Not to do so means they are simply afraid to take chances, try something new and possibly fail. Anyway back to the cons.

Attempting to Con the Escort

The big difference between, past atttempts at cons and what I recognize now is the investment. Previously they were much  quicker to get to the financial aspect, now they are more patient. The story line used, be it we can be friends, learn from each other, or you can be my mentor is built better. When I say built better, they have less  contradictions in their story, less mistakes.  They want my emotional / time investment into their story before asking for financial help.

I quickly recognize that its a con. My main point of contact with my clients is via email, so when one is out of the ordinary I’m always a bit curious. It doesn’t take more than a few emails before one can find the small contradictions in their story. I’m definitely NOT going to go into too much detail, but the more the write the easier it gets to see the contradictions in their stories.

I usually let them go  on for a few emails. This gives me further education on whats “new” in con artist / digital scamming world. Some of them have multiple story  lines ready to go based on my own emails responses, very  sophisticated.

Clearly we all  have too much time on our hands. The con artists writing me and me writing back, knowing full well that its a scam attempt-and still I write them back 🙂

In addition I noticed that when I do tell them “goodbye” they all, try to soften it with a   “I understand, a short  story  that perhaps I can identify with and leave  the option  for me to send  them an email. Makes me wonder if they are all in the same room in Nigeria.