Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

coronavirus and escorting

Coronavirus & Escorting

Coronavirus is having a major effect upon the sex industry all across the globe. The sex /massge industry is more vulnerable since it involves lots of touching.

This is an example of an article from a digital magazine called Refinery 29, under the subject.  “work and money.”  The article I’m A Sex Worker & Coronavirus Is Destroying My Business.

Cancellations and my Escorting

I’ve already had several cancellations and expect more in the future as this plays itself out. However, for those braver souls who just HAVE to see me, I do have a sexy solution (see the attached pict).

As we know my clients keep on surprising me with their kinkyness and it will not surprise me if one requests that I come with my Hazmat suit.

I can handle Google, now its Coronavirus

Being a Freelancer and more so being an independent Escort has been an interesting economic ride. I’ve managed to reach my economic goals despite googles organic games. This time, I’ve got a real virus to deal with. Actually I’m not that worried. I do believe this Coronavirus, like the others will soon pass, the panicking (I do see a lot of panic in the world and in the news), will also pass and it will back to escort work.

I expect a sudden increase in demand for my escort time once the travel restrictions have been lifted.

Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus

As many of my clients know I’m a very busy girl, which explains why I’m late for many of our meetings (not tooo late, but a little bit). The Gods have decided (not Google, the real one(s), that I slow down and have a reduction in my escorting work. This means I get to concentrate on my studies and my future profession.

Escorting in Tel Aviv (TLV) involves sometimes late meeting or sometimes early morning “wake up calls.” Sometimes I have a request for some “afternoon delight.”

So now, until things return to normal, I get to get fanatical about my “other work” and  work late into the night if I want to with no interruptions and no escort emergencies.

The Escort Cancelations

BTW the cancellations have been very respectful to me, something I very much appreciate.

I’ve been receiving apologies combined with compliments when one of our future dates have been cancelled. These cancellations are due to the client not arriving in Israel. These precautions are something that no one has to apologies for, yet I’m receiving these apologies.

It leaves me with a nice feeling.