Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Being invited to join a couple is always interesting (I have a new page on my own website for that: Girl Love).

Since there are now 3 of us, the options and dynamics are  different.

A lot of the dynamics really depends upon the girls experience and the mans fantasy. Many times the girl really isn’t that experienced and has been wondering about it since her days in college.

Her husband (I only visit with actual couples) who has been fantasizing about a threesome since his first erection, has finally got his wife to agree.

The girl, when its her first time, is usually hesitant as first and doesn’t even know where to begin, this is my favorite. I walk in the room, he always opens the door and I see her sitting on the chair or bed clearly nervous. I go and sit next to her and talk to the husband. I smile at her and ask her how long has she been fantasying about it, that usually starts to open her up a bit and we continue talking. At one point I’ll  take her hand and put it on my leg (the husband almost immediately puts his hand on his cock).

I whisper to her that I”m getting wet just thinking about her hand on my pussy, and then spread my legs a bit. I look at the husband with steely eyes that tells him to “stay back” and not interfere. Usually shes a bit hesitant at this point, but I spread my legs even more, lean back and ask her to “massage” my pussy, just touch it.

As she does it, she also gets more comfortable with the idea and then starts to move on her own…. the fun begins. And the husband?  well depending upon how excited he is (I use visible clues for that) I may let him join us.