Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

The Escort as the Birthday Present

I can be the present the person is giving to himself as he ages (classic). I can be the pseudo present the husband is giving his wife for a 3-some. (though in reality its his present to himself).

Better is when I’m the present someone is giving to someone else.

This can be some friends “giving me” to their shy friend.

Sometimes it would be for someone hurt / wounded and have lost confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Their friends have taken upon themselves to try to “fix it” by sending me to him. Always very touching and it leaves me emotionally drained.

My Favorite Scenario:

When the Husband sends me to his wife as the present and we’re left alone…

First it shows me how much the husband is willing to sacrifice for his beloved wife. He is willing to forget his fantasy of 2 woman and let his wife experience a woman for the first time. For me its also special.

Its always their first time, so they have a combination of being nervous and excited.

I am after all the kind of birthday that they will never forget. Need I say we spend at least half of the time talking and when the birthday girl is ready she then starts unwrapping her birthday present.

The husband in the meantime is waiting anxiously to know whats going on, constantly watching his watch, so he return to the room in exactly 60 minutes.

More than a few times, we sent him away again, to come back in a another hour :).

woman in bed

Of course then he starts wondering if his wife is going to prefer woman than him in bed…

and he will wonder will his wife call me when he is not around…and did it ever happen to me?