Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel


Tel Aviv Escort Therapist: Helping to Explore ones “inner-self”

When we first met, he was I could say my “average client.” Smart guy, hi techy, late 40’s married and just looking for some extra fun, to get what he no longer “gets’ at home. The hour spent together was mutually satisfactory for both of us and we would meet every few months when he would visit to Israel.   telaviv escortHe would read my blog and many times that would bring out some new excitement for him and new requests: The jogging pants, the secretary, school girl each time I noticed a bit more that he wanted me to dominate, that  I would be in control, so on this last visit I decided to take things in to my own hands, I brought with me some rolled up gauze.   I exited the bathroom wearing leather pants (he asked for a short skirt, i decided to take charge and ignore the request). I also had on my sun glasses for effect. I told him that it was now my turn and ordered him lie on his stomach, hands behind his back. He quickly obeyed and I could see that I was correct in my assumption…He wanted me to dominate the situation like it never was before. I tied his hands with the gauze that I brought and then explained to him what was going to happen. That I was now in control. I explained to him that he may or may not cum, that I will be something that I will decide depending upon his performance.   I turned him over on his stomach and decided to play with him, how I enjoyed ” torturing him.” When he was good, I rewarded him and when he was bad and didnt listen to me, or couldn’t control himself, he was punished.   Though I came to his hotel room as a private escort, I spent the time being a Dominate Mistress. The actual action involved was new for him and he was clearly excited by what I did to him as he begged for more….and more….and more.   At the end of our “session, since this was his first time in this situation and he was a “good boy, I did free his hands and let him cum. What neither he nor I did expect was just how much he had built up to that moment, he actually led out a primordial scream and I made him clean up his mess, all of it.