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Way back in Aug I made a barter deal with one of my clients. He would help me / teach me improve my SERP (search engine results page). Basically get on the first page of google organic engine.

I received several hours of what was basically a private seminar (which included breaks where I would life up my shirt just for fun – his fantasy). His email support was good as he watched my progress and frustration….Until Recently

With improvements:

  • in my load time (see pict below)
  • improvements in how Google sees my site,
  • a few pointed ads
  • an addition of twitter
  • whatsapp

All working together, worked to get on Googles first page.

General Website Speed Test

(under 2 seconds for the load time is simply great)

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Googles Score on my site

tel aviv escort

I am now on the Googles first page using its organic engine (near the bottom but still on the home page). Btw this is mainly pointed at searchs for those in Israel for such key words as Tel Aviv Escorts and its variation, (YMMV outside of Israel). This is big stuff, a major milestone for my marketing.

My Clients Reward

He has a clothes fetish, secretary, maid, gym outfit. Also he likes the idea of the “quickie” for a break during work. Knowing this and since we have met several times, I also learned about what food he likes.

The plan was was set: On his next visit (which was last week). He was to receive such a fantasy come true, that to his dying day he’s never going to forget it. (btw, I do have his permission to write this up).

First part was the food, I made him dinner.(and brought it to the hotel) including desert. I also brought my new “maid” outfit so I can put his room in order while he watches. Just as he fantasizes, inbetween fluffing the pillows I let my tits slip out, I let him touch them, and then I go back to work. Lots of bending over while I look for stuff under the bed, crawl under his chair, give him a quick “lick.”

After the room was finally cleaned up, it was time to eat. Of course by this time I was extremely excited and was limited to eating with one hand, my other hand was busy between my legs.

I noticed that he too had a hard time concentrating on his food. I realized that he needed a quickie other wise he will simply not appreciate his dinner. I went to the desk, bent over and told that I wanted to finish dinner while the food was still hot, so he had better be quick.

2 minutes later we were back with our food, though he did have this silly grin on his face. I told him that perhaps he can now concentrate but I sure can’t, so while he ate, I “finished” off myself. Again he lost his concentration on my dinner.

This time I gave him 4 minutes, well actually 5 with the threat that no more until after desert. Once I had his agreement, I crawled over to him, under the table told him to keep trying to eat (total failure), while I took care of him.

almost 2 hours later, after coffee and a delicious dessert, while cleaning up, washing the dishes, I let him have his final way with me.

As I was leaving, he still had on his silly grin, and told me, and I Quote: “Best deal I ever made!”

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