Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escort Its happened a few times already when I get an email from a male who wants me to be the present to his wife. Its never really clear to me in the beginning as to whom I”m really the escort present for  – for him, who wants to have two women with him, for his wife who has been fantasizing about being with a second women or its both of them together. Either way I love the look on the wifes face when she sees me.


It usually starts with shock, she enters the hotel room and see’s the sexy blond, sitting at the desk or chair with a lot of leg showing. Her first thought is generally OMG, he is having a affair! I stand and walk over to her while she is usually just standing there still not comprehending the situation and I give her big kiss on her lips with just a hint of tongue.


and that really confuses her until I say “happy birthday,” her expression goes from shock, to happy in about  2 seconds as she understands whats going on. I then shake my tits back and forth to confirm it.


She usually gets this big smile on her face as she looks over at her husband, that then very quickly goes to smily and happy to “naughty” as she looks back at me, her present, her own personal escort present. What comes next depends upon her, is this her first time and she is nervous, or has she been with women in the past and she just can’t wait for it to happen.


Maybe I’ll save the actual action of the “escort birthday present part II” for another blog, where I’ll write a few of the actual details. BTW one of the best parts is looking over at the husband as he watches with his hands between his legs as he eagerly looks on.