Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Since my hourly is not low, most of my clients are professionals, that are visiting Israel for professional reasons. They are almost always very interesting, outside of their profession they usually have interesting hobbies as well.


For example, one of my clients loves to do illustrations and offered to draw me (see the  pict-only those who have met me will know if its a good semblance). Others bring their cameras and other professional equipment to record their visit here.  (especially during the bird migration season).

tel aviv escort


I’ve had discussions / lectures on economics (my last blog made that a starting point.) Biology, International laws, medicine, etc. Its broadened not just my general knowledge but furthered my interest in the world beyond my own “little world.”


I think one of the most surprising aspect is that sometimes they seem more excited and interested in telling me about their profession that having me, their escort girl, in bed. I’m not sure if I should be “insulted” or admire the guy who loves his profession so much  :).


One of my most memorable meeting was with an engineer. He was a specialist in energy usage and savings. As we started to talk, he took out a big sheet of paper, hung it up on the wall and started to draw a diagram and basically give me a lecture. I was wondering if there would be a test at the end 🙂


He was so excited and cute as he lectured me, I couldn’t help it but crawl off the bed, I told him I was listening and that he should continue.  I crawled over to him and unzipped his pants,  I told him to continue while I “worked.”…. and he did forget about the testing me at the end.


And though his theories sounded solid and I”m sure his numbers were correct, I noticed and mentioned that they depended upon changing human behavior. I considered “changing places” and give him a lecture on human behavior and the psychology of change, but decided to save that for our next visit. (besides I don’t know if I should do it while naked or not).