Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort consulting 101

Escort Consulting 101

Economic Pressures…

As countries have had their economies slow down, people have been looking for alternatives for their income. I’ve received multiple emails if I would be willing to give some advice to the “beginning escort.” These emails are not just from Israel but from several countries.

The first one I received,  I put it in the category of “someone just having some fun with me.” After all Escorting is a “contact” sport and contact was definitely to be limited. Much time has passed since the initial panic and we see that we are slowly returning to an abbreviated version of life pre corona-19.

With that “return” the demand for escorting is increasing as apparently many woman are considering escorting as an option as the economies are still down.

FAQ’s for Escorting

At first I simply answered the questions from my email “pen pal”. I volunteered a few bits of additional information and then sent her “on her way.”  (isn’t this what consultants do?). At this point I wasn’t really sure with whom I was communicating, so I kept it relatively brief.

Soon came a second email from a person who was interested in escort information. This time after confirming the country she was living in, as well as her identity I was a little more open. As much as one can “like someone”  through the internet, I found her a nice email friend.

I explained to her the process, the options, what to watch out for, etc. After more of her questions, it became clear that I have the makings of an escort consultant.

Escorting 101 – The Syllabus

All university courses have a syllabus, an outline of the subjects in a course that will be studying. And so do I.

Beginning Escorting with such subjects as:

  • Agency or independent
  • Where to advertise
  • Search Engines
  • Communication options
  • How to identify Time wasters
  • Pricing


This time I was prepared as the inevitable email came from yet another girl.  My theory is that since my site is all about my own “escort journey in real-time” it also makes it inviting for those who are interested and  exploring the issue for themselves to ask me about it.

Either that, or its some guy writing me, while living in his parents basement…