Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Kim's Escort Lobby Sprint

My first convention as an Escort in TelAviv

I worked out a time to visit my new client (from India), late afternoon and it was all pretty normal until I entered the hotel. My reaction was something to the effect of “what the f**k is going on here.” There were hundreds of Indians in the hotel lobby, at the restaurant, just everywhere I looked. For those of you who have read my blogs, know that I like to “blend in” not stand out and yet here I am, a blonde girl walking in to a “sea” of darker skinned men. I could feel hundreds of eyes upon me.

I kept walking, eyes forward, my pace quickened to reach the elevator, a safe haven of sorts.

As I approached the elevator the door opened (so far so good I’m thinking), and I stopped. There was this mass of indians pouring out of the elevator, I couldn’t get passed them. Once the elevator was empty I rushed in, and pushed the floor button, and of course a hand stopped the door from closing (what a surprise) and in came what seemed like a few hundred indians, pushing me to the back of the elevator and again, not only are their eyes on me via the mirrors in the elevator, I feel i’m being undressed as well.

Im thinking this is not going so well, whats going to happen when I arrive at the floor of my client? The client’s door should be open, but I stand out, and my purpose will be obvious.

My floor is reached, I managed to make it to the open door and out. I see the sign for the room, its to the left, as I enter the hallway, I see again what seems like a college party with Indians milling about, going from room to room.

There is no way I’m going to anyones room with that kind of crowd. I decide to take the stairs return to the lobby, leave the hotel and cancel the meeting.

Once I’m outside in a coffee shop, I write my client and explain that if I’m going to meet him, were going to choose a time when the hallways are empty.

In the meantime I see 10’s of emails / WhatsApp messages from indians (their phone number and english give them away), wanting to meet me.

I answer a few just to confirm that they are all in the same hotel (they are).

I may sound like a “marketing bonanza” in that I could make a small fortune in a few days, but there is no way its going to happen, no matter what the price….the reason I hope should be obvious.

I decide to continue with my original first client, during a time when everyone is busy and skip over the rest.

So another “escort fantasy” meets reality and I decline it.