tel aviv escortI was going to write something sexy about one of my latest escort clients (he specifically looked for an independent escort). He emailed me, I answered, and within 5 hours I was visiting him. However instead of writing about the wine, the tuxedo, even the piano,  you get a rant about the CPU usage and about my website host.


I really don’t want to learn this stuff, yet here I am. I go to my escort website site and its going  s….l…..o…..w.  So I call up the hosting service, the support section and ask them whats going on. Well they tell me the CPU usage of my escort site is over 100% (whats my reaction?….well I think, so was my pussy these last few days, but that doesn’t slow me down!!).


Now I really don’t want to learn about why my CPU usage is over 100% I’m not sure I have the room in my brain for that info, I may even have to empty out some stuff, but I ask anyway. After a short technical explanation, I get it. Since my blog has gone online the use of the resources of the site has increased and that has caused me to reach its maximum, which then triggers a slow down by the server.


So I buy more “resources” (hard disk space, bandwidth, etc) and the site is back up and fast. But seriously, did I really have to learn and now remember all that CPU stuff? (Yes I know its my fault, I asked the tech guy and listened to him).


I now need to relax, I need my vibrator, but I have to decide which one. I chose my yellow one, the one with 8000rpm/mini DC motor, utilizing an eccentric rotating mass vibration motor (ERM) with one button interface and 7 vibration options….this is the important stuff to know about.



escort vaccination

My Vaccination

This is my “Tav Yarok.” The vaccination certificate.
So its safe to play with me!

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