Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Sometimes I get emails from women. Some of them are interested in some “girl to girl love” (which I do enjoy), others are curious about the work,  others like this latest email I received is a girl coming to Israel from Europe and wants to work as an escort here to help pay for her trip.

Some of them ask if I”m interesting in joining them as a “two girl” option, or that perhaps I can steer some clients to them. In the end the answer is always no. I have no intention of turning this into some kind of business beyond my own personal needs, nor do need to risk any kind of headlines such as: ESCORT TURNED HUMAN TRAFFICKER.

I’ll just keep to my private needs in my little corner in our little country. However the girl on girl is sexually exciting. I’ve been the birthday present to the wife a few times now.  This is when the husband invites me for his wife (though in reality he is inviting me for his own fantasy as well. Either way thats always fun,  but thats for a post another day.