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Fan Mail

At first I didnt really know what to make out of it, the header of the email was: HUGE FAN. I usually receive a compliment or comment on my escort blogs within a clients email. This was different, it was simply a “fan mail,” he was just writing to say how much he enjoyed reading my blogs.

To his credit within his email to me he mentioned the various blogs that I’ve written: short term memory loss, My respect for the IDF and its soldiers and the fact that he didn’t meet my (as he put it) mininmum requirements for a meeting.

He really knew how to find my “weaknesses” hence there was no way I was going to ignore his email. 

Odds were against him - Still he Tried

Even though he had no chance, and like any true fan, he does want to meet me, the girl behind the blog. Seems my little blog is of great interest to him, my escort journey in real-time – quite the compliment.

Though I can tell I have a small following by the statistics. My site visits go up when I create a new blog as do the visits to the blog itself. Still I’ve never really received an actual fan mail.  🙂

I wrote my Fan back

As we all know, keeping one’s fans happy is very important, and answering email is what celebs do. Even us independent Tel Aviv escorts have responsabilities toward our clients and fans.

On as serious note, much of what I learn as an independent escort, I’ll be applying to my future profession. Receiving comments from ones blog (social media interaction) is actually an important part of marketing. This niche blog of mine is actually what I’m going to need in the future as well.

We had a few emails that went back and forth and then I received my second compliment. He mentioned that he couldn’t find anything about my hobbies, personal likes, what I’m studying, etc. He wanted to know more about me (as fans do).

Well, my blog writings are designed to keep out anything personal. I explained that when the time comes for me to close down Kim’s little adventure, there are to be no hints, leads,  etc that links “Kim’ to me.

So apparently his frustration is my success.

Asking Permission from my Fan

Ok, I admit I was pretty excited and asked if I could mention his email in my blog. He wrote back:

I would be extremely flattered

Of course he still had a second attempt to meet me, but I suspect he knew had no chance. (though I expected that second attempt). And he left me with a link to a lovely song.

Taking Advantage of my Fan Base

Given that I now have absolute proof that I have a fan base, I’m going to have to start capitalizing on it.

Perhaps its time I start looking in creating some fan merchandise. I’m thinking of starting with T-Shirts.

Kim favorite tel-aviv escort