Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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The Escorting Dilemma in Tel Aviv

It was a Saturday, a day I dont work and we decided to have a late lunch at a resturant overlooking the beach in Tel Aviv. It was a bit too cold to go into the water as summer is now leaving us, still the surfers were still there as were the “hard core” who are at the beach no matter what the weather. And of course there is the constant flow of joggers, walkers, skateboarders, bikers etc flowing up and down the boardwalk.

Anyway as usual I was running late (for those who know me, I’m sure this does not surprise them). I entered the resturant and started heading toward the porch area the overlooks the beach and quickly found my friend, as I raised my hand to get her attention, as she was talking to someone, I quickly lowered it and froze. In fact I started taking a few steps back so I wouldnt be so visable.


One can’t hide from Escorting Statistics

As I’m pondering what to do, I’m also not surprised, as somethings are just inevitable, the guy who is trying to pick up my friend, was my client two nights ago.

I can’t say I blame my friend for the interest, hes quite an interesting guy, well educated, well traveled,  superb story teller, in good shape, very energetic, yet sensitive, very talented, and attentive (but I diverse from my escort dilemma at hand).

I’m actually not worried about his reaction toward me, I have to doubt it he will be discrete, a subtle acknowledgement of our past meeting, but do I really want to him to sit with us for lunch? Watch while my friend makes goo goo eyes at him while he fantasizes of having us both together tonight? (should I mention that my girl friend and I were / are sometimes more than just simple girlfriends?).

No doubt he will make some very subtle hint to my girlfriend during our lunch about us all three meeting in his room, then I’ll get my girlfriends naughty smile asking me if I’m interested, because she certainly is.

Or perhaps I’m just letting my imagination getting away with me, and once he realizes that I am here to see my girlfriend he will do the proper gentlmen thing to do and excuse himself and leave….

NAH, there is no way a man would leave such a situation, the fantasy is just too rich.

Option 1: I could sit down at the table and kick him really hard

Option 2: spill some hot coffee on him

Going with the Flow

Seeing little choice in the matter, I left my hiding place, walked over to my girlfriends table and sat down. Smiled at my client while my friend introduced us.

As I expected he showed no sign of our past meeting except for the wink of his eye. Which was such a cliche I couldnt help but shake my head back and forth and then I kicked him under the table.

The conversation flowed, with my friends foot nudging mine to state her interest in him. As we approached our desert my friend finally excused herself to go the bathroom so we were finally alone.

I spoke firm and fast, but first I put my foot firmly on his, to emphasise my points

  1. no were are all not going to bed together
  2. he is not taking my friend to bed either
  3. I told him he has been very good about all of this even though I recognize his subtle smiles at me
  4. I’ll see him tonight and since I do know what he likes and a few things he doesnt yet know he likes, he’ll get a surprise from me (and yes he will be paying for my time).

After the initial shock of my rapid list of whats going to happen, he agreed.  And with a smile I suggested that after desert it would be nice if I could have some alone time with my girlfriend.

I mentioned that from his hotel room which was close by, he could watch us and fantasize about us.

After coffee and a delicious cheese cake, he excused himself and went to his hotel room. I notice that he opened the curtains 🙂

And I saw him that night as promised and gave him his first prostrate massage, while he was tied to his bed.

And then smacked him a couple times for that stupid “wink” he gave me when my friend introduced us. It was so pathetically obvious I was surprised my friend didn’t see it.