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Israeli escort wrong room

Entering the Wrong Room.....

Approaching the hotel room’s door there is always a moment of hesitation, who is actually on the other side? Is it my typical client, an older, professional, married who looking forward to an hour or two of sexual enjoyment? Or is it a serial killer and I will be tomorrows headlines.

In between those two options lies a large amount of variations, mostly, however, those I meet are far closer to my target client, than the serial killer variation.

But what happens when I enter the wrong room?

The Door will be Left Open

So many of my clients leave the door open so I can just walk in directly. Its one of the sexiest moments for them. A hot blonde entering their room and walking toward them with the smile of good things to come.

But what happens when I walk in and I realize I’m in the wrong room?

How Does it Happen?

Did I write the wrong number down? Was the client moved to a new room and I didn’t see his email? Out of his own excitement, did he forget to update me?

If I get lucky the hotel room is empty and the door is locked. I knock a few times and where there is no answer, I check my email to confirm the room. At this point I’m feeling rather “naked” waiting in a hallway of a hotel with my face in my phone hoping no one will see me or worse, a previous client reconize me.

If it doesn’t come in a few seconds I just return to the lobby, by that times I get the corrected room number. But what if the door is in fact not locked and I open and start walking in….

Do I say Hello?

….and there is somebody in the room? Since I sure don’t have a “housekeeping uniform on” my entering the room can raise questions. If the person is a male and has in his past invited escort girls to his room, he will no doubt “connect the dots” and assume I’m an escort. Girl friends/ wives unless they are drunk don’t enter the wrong room and when they do enter, they usually are talking as they enter or enter as if they own the place…..Not the case with escorts. As we enter a strangers hotel room, we don’t say much, we first look around to see if anything is “out of place.”

The First Time….

 It was one of the larger hotels, and as I entered I looked at the room number I had written down and put it back in my pocket. I do this so as I pass through the lobby I try to look as if I know where I’m going.

Except that I had flipped two of the numbers. I arrived at the door (the email said it would be open), I knocked, entered, looked down the little hallway and didn’t see anyone (this is where I usually first see my client), no noise from the shower, so I walked slowly to the bed area already wondering whats going on.

Well I see this older gentlemen using the bed as a desk with papers all over and a very intense look on his face.

I now know that I’m in the wrong room and am thinking  how do I tip toe out? Do I quietly just walk backwards? and how do I have the wrong room.

Well he looks up, first with a puzzled look on his face, something to the affect of, who am I and why am I disturbing him.

Then he smiles, a “knowing smile” as he clearly understanding why I entered his room, and says “wrong room? I just nod, feeling extremely embarrassed. This however was a true gentlemen. He pointed to the chair at the desk, told me to sit and from there I could check which room I should be visiting.

While I’m rereading my emails and looking for the room number, he brings me some water and some fancy chocolates, the kind that has more wrapping then chocolate.

He goes back to his chair by the bed, but obviously can’t go back to his work, so he is watching me, but in more of a “father” type way, making sure that everything will be ok.

Anyway I compare the room numbers, that I received via email and that what I wrote down and saw the mistake. I quickly sent an email apologising that I will be a few minutes late, I actually wanted to stay a few minutes, so I did.

First I thanked him, and apologized for disturbing him. We had a few minutes of polite talk and we both realized we both had work to do 😉

Of course I gave him my web address, mentioning that if he needs a break there are some fun posts  to read  in my blog (marketing is 24/7).

An hour and half later, I was leaving my client and I decided it would be nice to just “drop in” and thank him again…I then received an email from him inviting me to visit, seems my posts did their job.

A few minutes later I entered his room again, this time the water and chocolates were already waiting for me. He congratulated me on an excellent marketing approach, taking advantage of  a mistake like entering the wrong room, and turning that mistake in to a new client. (He invited me to return to his room for an hour the next day after his presentation).

I asked him why did he assume it was a mistake?

His reaction was priceless.