Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Lap Dancing: An increase in Requests

I like dancing and I simply love the lap dance. The first thing we have to get straight is that I”ve never worked in a strip club, so you can get that out of your mind. As a Tel Aviv Escort, I have to be flexible in taking care of my clients various needs and lap dancing is one of their requests. Whats been happening recently is an increase in  requests for my lap dancing. For those of you who have read my blogs will know by now that any change with my Escorting business requires me to find out why…and so the research started.


Strip Shows and No Touching in Tel Aviv

Well as far as I have learned there is no longer any “touching” in the Israeli strip shows. This pretty much makes any kind of lap dancing pretty “vanilla.” And the private rooms? well they used to be “private,” apparently they are no longer private. This clearly explains why an Escort in Tel Aviv, like myself has suddenly being asked if I give lap dances in the emails. There is segment of visitors to Tel Aviv that instead of inviting independent escorts (or girls from agenices) they would go to strip shows, have a few lap dances and then move on to the private rooms for their release. This option is no longer available for them.

This is where I fill the void, which explains the increase in requests. Also, I enjoy giving a lap dances, its really cool to watch the excitement “grow” as my dance continues. Of course, unlike the strip shows and their limitations, as an escort I have none and there is no need to stop and go upstairs to a small, dirty room. that may very well include additional payments. And of course there is the privacy issue. My lap dance in your hotel room is private, your not going to meet your client or fellow businessmen there as well (very unprofessional), its just you, me (your private tel aviv escort), my lap dancing and your very happy ending.


The Stats:

As always I’ll be watching the statistics of those who are asking for my lap dancing. I’m not really sure I should consider it a fetish as my impression its pretty much what most men would like to see, even if they don’t actually request it. On the other, I doubt very much that my competition includes lap dancing in their repertoire as its rather time consuming and usually doesnt fit their business model “wham bam” I’m out of here!