Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Escort Modesty: Special Service to Special People

This last year, which has kept us “indoors” and travel kept to a minimum, has introduced me to some special people. I have coined these interactions as “escort modesty.”

This particular “market” was not within my target when I started my Tel Aviv escorting. For one thing, I didn’t even know it existed.

As those of you who have read my posts and have met me, know that my marketing target was the visiting businessman (woman). Corona changed that and on a selective basis I turned toward the local market, my fellow Israelis.  They in-turn also found me as their was no longer the turn over of escorts coming from Europe on their world tours.

Who are these Clients, that Request Escort Modesty?

No doubt your wondering who these clients are and what do they have in common with each other?

Well, the common factor I would say revolves are the concept of spirtuality / purity / human needs.

These clients are balancing their spirtual beliefs of being pure or loyal vs their demanding sexual needs. All are religious, some in the traditional ways and some in the less traditional ways. Usually they are older, but not always, some infact are quite young.


The Satisfied Client

What do I do? Well each of them have defined for themselves what the rules are. My job is to interpret them and at the sametime satisfy them. 

In general its a “no touch” situation, they can touch themselves (masterbate) but not touch me.

I can dance around them, sometimes slap their hand when they start moving their hands to my nice rounded tits and pink nipples that are right in front of their eyes.

Sometimes I sit them in a chair while I walk around them, lifting my skirt just enough to show them my sexy, see through panties, perhaps bend over and pull them aside so they can get a good view of my pussy….but from a meter away so they cant touch it.

I can touch my own pussy, even put a few fingers inside, lick my fingers, all the while staring at my client.

Sex can be Drug Like

They seem to get lost in all of this, like a drug. Many times their eyes are wide, they are moving in their chair yet remain sitting, sometimes they are mumbling a “prayer” of sorts, as if it is to restrain them. The rate of their masterbation on their hard cock has increased.

I can shut them down, just stop, turn the lights on, demand that they stop touching themselves, in effect “save them” from their sin, but I don’t. Here I’m not their therapist not their psychologist, I’m as escort where my job description is for the client to cum, so whereas I don’t let them touch me, and I may tease them and order them around, my goal is that they cum and have their feeling of relief no matter how short it is.

I alway offer words, words that they are infact normal, not alone in their needs and there is no need to feel guilty or a sense of betrayal.

Spirtual Clients are Easy Clients

They’re actually easy clients, with very few demands and fetishes. No clothes to change to, don’t have to worry if they have showered or not. The conversation of spirituality is always interesting and I walk away knowing at least for the time being, I’m given them some relief from the internal demons.

Unintended Consequences

These visitations are for some, a replacement of the strip shows that were closed down.

The irony being that, since lap dances were defined by the govt/pesudo feminists  as prostitution, hence they could close down the strip shows,  they are now visiting real prostitutes.