Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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TelAviv Escort: Name Required:

This is to clarify why I request your full name and why if I do not get your full real name, we shall not meet. And make no mistake, there are no second chances. When I ask for your name I expect it to be real. For some hotels after certain hours they will ask me whom I am visiting and if the name does not show up on their list, I cannot continue.

Its also a way for me to check to see if you are whom you are claiming to be. I may call your room to make sure that you really are there. If at the reception your name does not show up, clearly you have not told me the truth.

I provide a non sexual escorting service in Tel Aviv and your name is required for basic security reasons, once your name is given there is less chance that you are some kind of psycho or will do me harm as your identity has been exposed to me. Also there are always those kids that get a kick out of sending the escort girl to a fictitious hotel room, or worse to a hotel room where some innocent tourists are staying.

There will be others who infact feel uncomfortable giving me their name for reasons of discretion, and though I certainly understand their reasons, my own needs for security and privacy take precedence over an anonymous potential client, hence we simply shall not meet.

I do realize that there is a danger that my email being hacked and names exposed, so I do not save the emails. This means for past clients I may not remember you (I’m bad with names, good with faces), so please don’t take offense, but it is a safer system for all of us.

And one more thing, if  you decide not to give me your name, do not even try to offer additional money, my privacy and security cannot be bought and I view it as being very  disrespectful. You have many other options “out there”  where you can protect your identity, as us working woman to a certain degree are a  “commodity item.