Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort nerd

I'm an Escort Nerd in Tel-Aviv

This last year has been rough on everyone. As much as it has zapped much of our energy and motivations,  I didn’t stop.

As an independent Escort I’m responsible for my own marketing and my placement in Google has always been important.  I’ve spent much  going down “the rabbit hole” of website parameters, and realized I’m in way too deep.

I’ve been here before,  in the past, I just didn’t go in that deep :). And what we learn is that just because people say to do something, or they claim they are the “experts”, its not always so.

The minor manipulations I was doing would not affect my placement in Google. as my parameters which were already good, so I “climbed out” of that very deep hole I was digging.

Google Parameters and Escorts

Two of googles parameters is both performance and structure, here I have succeeded as per the numbers in the header graphic.

Google, according to the various blogs and articles is paying special attention to the mobile versions of websites. here to I’m doing great.

escort speed

Still I'm on page 2 in Google Organic...

Sometimes I’m even on page 3 and 4. So what is going on?

I’ve checked some escort portals with numbers as good as mine, yet they are below my site and I’ve seen portals and sites with far worse numbers that are above me.


There is a whole industry based on improving your position in google, much of it, like many escorts is just fake.

And I know this because I spent countless hours listening, trying, tweeking my site and in the end? I’ve been stuck on page 2,3 for over 2 years now.

Google’s algorithms are secret, still some sites seem to be constantly on top,  I have a few theories as to why, but its not more than that.

Given that Google is in fact everywhere (far worse than any “big brother scenario), I think I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. Google is not very forgiving and every business lives in fear of their power to “destroy.”

The Escort Nerd

The only thing I can say of this experience is that all of this has definitly proven that I am a real nerd.

so if anyone has a fetish for a sexy blonde nerd, I don’t even have to fake it.