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The Dumb Blonde Sterotype

I get it, I’m a natural blonde, I’m an escort, I have nice large tits and a slim figure. I fit the stereotype of being the “dumb blonde.”

HOWEVER, once you start reading my website, reading my blogs one would think that the clients (or potential clients), would realize that I’m not really that “dumb.”

and I’ve been proven wrong about that over and over again.


1) Why is it a Problem?

When it turns out that the email is from an Israeli, I usually respond with a reply that for reasons of privacy I won’t be visiting.

The most absurd replies are something like: I’m married and I won’t tell anyone, you can trust me.

Am I supposed to fall for that line? Some anonymous email person who is lying to his wife says I should trust him!

2) Asking me to dress Discreetly.

I get it, they are worried, but do they really think I’m going to enter a 5 star hotel wearing a short dress, black leather boots up to my knees with 5 inch heels, fishnet stocking and bright red lipstick?  – Really?

3) I’m with my wife, but she’ll be out shopping…

OMG, does the guy actually believe that I’m going to put myself into that kind of scenario? Wife returns early and finds husband with sexy blonde on top of him. Next comes screaming wife, throwing sharp objects at me. Am I suppose to run out of the room naked?

4) I can count and I know the Exchange Rate

Being paid in Dollars, Euros is always fine with me.  And yet there seems to be some kind of assumption that I can’t count or can’t look up the exchange rate. Once I realized that I was being short changed and it wasnt a mistake, I started to write out in the email the exact amount I expected if it wasn’t in the local currency.

Some Blondes can use a computer…

Lets Clarify….

I’m blonde, nice natural tits, and a very sexy natural body.

I’m also taking courses at one of Israels most prestigious educational institutes of higher education.

I”m a successful self-learner – my website being the example of that. From a beginning of knowing nothing about html / jpgs all the way to minimizing javascript.

I”ve beaten the odds from very humble beginnings where I learned my street smarts to be able to take advantage of my talents and abilities to go where I’m going, and I’ve already started, watch for me on Ted Talks.

I may be a natural blonde, but that is where the stereotype ends.

And that was my rant for today, granted not exactly the best marketing message, but then again, this blog is about me and my escorting…