Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escort

Every so often I receive an email from an escort on the other side of the globe, Jennifer Baily (, asking me about a client of mine. Its just a simple email checking up on his identity for¬†verification purposes and if he falls within the general guidelines of “escort normal” (that will be different blog post one day). I was a bit surprised the first time, since then its happened several times and I’ve exchanged a few emails with¬† other providers out of curiosity. Some of them require employment info, social media links (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc) from the client. Some require a photo of their drivers license, and email from their work and others want references.

So I don’t go that far. At this point I’m satisfied with the hotel and registered name.

Also, when I start asking many questions I start to feel like the “mossad” (and so do they), still this may be the new norm.