Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

It seems on of the most prevalent requests (outside of wearing a secretary or school girl outfit) is will I send my real pictures. The answer is always no,  sometimes I explain and other times, depending upon how they asked I can be very curt. My clients, the ones that I prefer to meet always understand and respect my answer. They understand that each of use are taking risks and how I look like, whether I’m a 85kg and 150cm with pimples, tattoos and bald and or I’m 50kg and 168cm with long blond hair, they are only going to know when I walk in their door.

Actually one of the parts of my visit I enjoy the most is when I walk in the room and I see their apprehension of what do I look like, not just disappear from their face, but the big smile that replaces it. The client can never know what to expect when they order and Escort in Tel Aviv, nor can they be sure of the Services that will be provided, by the escort.

Sometimes, they are speachless as they look up and down and do that a few times. One guy just kept walking backward looking at me and fell.  I walked over an sat on him, and didnt let him up. He was such a “nerd”  I decided that I was going to give him the time of his life. While he was on the floor, I reached over, took off his glasses and put them on. I undid my blouse one button at a time (boy was he getting arroused, I was afraid he was going to finish right then and there).  I pinned his hands to the floor and put my tits in his face and told what to do. I think he was in a bit of shock and this was not what he “planned” but he was passive and did what he was told…

So I decided to continue and moved up and “sat on his face”.  I kept his hands pinned to the floor and told him what to do. It turns out with a little bit of direction he was quite good at that and it got to the point where I thought he might be suffocating as I kept pushing down, so that his tongue could go in deeper.

Well, that was fun, so I decided to continue…

This is just an example of the personal service that I provide as a private Escort in Tel Aviv.