What type of Services do I provide as an Escort?

My Escort Services in TLV

Inevitably, the potential client is going to ask me “What exactly are the escort services that I provide?”

Its a fair question given the wide variety of services offered and provided  (and there is not always a connection between the two).  The FAQ’s below have the most prevalent questions and I’ll  be adding to them as time goes by.

Also bear in mind that definitions also vary  (GFE  being the most vague of them all). For those I’ll be happy to expand upon in an email.

Yes, I am still working but on a VERY limited basis. I will have a few more questions about my potential visit then normal.

Yes, prostitution itself remains legal, pimping, sex trafficking, and running a brothel are punishable under existing Israeli law Read More.

100%  Private, Independent Escort. I have no pimp, no handler, no boss.  I decide who I visit and if  I have time or  even if I want to...

Google doesn't really hate me, we just have a rocky relationship. Sometimes I  understand what Google wants, I give it to him and I get rewarded by moving up.  Other times I do stuff Google doesn't like and  I get punished.

Yes I do, I live in Tel Aviv, where I have family and friends.  I work, study and play in Tel Aviv, and do not do World Tours

No, I'm a student and have a public job, this is a secret part-time job.

I prefer outcall to hotels  or Airbnb.  At times I do have access to an apartment where we can meet.  This has to be arranged ahead of time and its  mainly  for previous clients.

Yes I’m very discrete. I do  not like drawing attention to myself. I’ll arrive at your hotel room dressed in street clothes.

Tell me what you like when we're emailing and we'll see if I  can accommodate you. Roll Playing? Foot Fetish? BDSM? CFNM?

No, it seems to crude for me to have such a list. My service is based on a GFE experience and not a PSE. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have via email.

This is a risky business, we both take chances of exposure. Before I will arrive at your hotel you will send me your full real name and room number. There are two reasons for this:


  • A young single pretty woman entering a hotel, especially in the evening or at night, I will probably be questioned as to whom I am visiting. Without your full name, not only will I be exposed, embarrassed, barred from the hotel our meeting will be cancelled.
  • Basic security, by giving me your name, your less likley to be some kind of psycho and cause me trouble
  • I have no use for your name other than saving myself embarrassment and basic security.

This is non-negotiable, so if your uncomfortable and cannot/won't give me your full name, than we shall not meet.

My blogs are based on real experiences. Many of the identifying details (time/place/descriptions) have all been changed to protect my clients.  There is no way to identify any particular client's  meeting with me.

I like to think so.  I do know that I've been told that I  am the best by many of my clients.  Also I  do have certain advantages over my competition.

  • I am a natural blond with natural D size boobs.
  • I'm  independent,  I  actually do care that my clients enjoy their time with me
  • I  really do enjoy sex / having orgasms
  • I don't like being "second best"

So the answer is yes,  I  really  am the best escort in Tel Aviv.