My Social Media

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My social media at this point is limited to twitter.

I have placed here my twitterfeed mainly for SEO purposes and in-case you missed my twitter.

I have looked into using Facebook, Linkedin and the host of other social media and have decided that the time each requires is not worth the minimal results that that they bring in, what is referred to as ROI  (Return  on Investment)

Their may be some worth in terms of SEO and links but it is a subject up for much debate with marketing professionals so in the meantime I’ll stick with twitter as an embedded social platform.

5 stars for my website

Escort Consulting 101. Unlike the escort books that come out after a girl has stopped working. My advice is "up to date"...

Many Israelis have now returned home to Israel, some of them I have visited in the past, when they were here for short visits. Now they are back living here with some great reasons for me to visit them.

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