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Escort Social Media

My social media at this point is limited to twitter.

I have placed here my twitterfeed mainly for SEO purposes and in-case you missed my twitter.

I have looked into using Facebook, Linkedin and the host of other social media and have decided that the time each requires is not worth the minimal results that that they bring in, what is referred to as ROI  (Return  on Investment)

Their may be some worth in terms of SEO and links but it is a subject up for much debate with marketing professionals so in the meantime I’ll stick with twitter as an embedded social platform.

Whatsapp (con't). I decided to keep the whatsapp (maybe google likes the external link) and I have it on a few ads. There is now an automatic reply with a link to my site, so I don't have to "chat" while searching for those very few that fit my client profile and will email me.

The Numbers are in: The demographics that use Whatsapp for finding escorts are not my target cliental. I have a fail rate of over 90% from those who contact me via Whatsapp. They r mostly looking for incall, lower prices. and a quick visit.

Entering a Hotel to visit a client and seeing a whole bunch of police is the kind of thing that "stops me in my tracks."

Google gets very picky about the way we spell. Spelling Tel-Aviv differently (Tlv, Telaviv...) ranks me differently for each spelling and it makes me crazy:

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