My Social Media

A  Five Star  Website with Social Media Links

My social media at this point is limited to twitter.

I have placed here my twitterfeed mainly for SEO purposes and in-case you missed my twitter.

I have looked into using Facebook, Linkedin and the host of other social media and have decided that the time each requires is not worth the minimal results that that they bring in, what is referred to as ROI  (Return  on Investment)

Their may be some worth in terms of SEO and links but it is a subject up for much debate with marketing professionals so in the meantime I’ll stick with twitter as an embedded social platform.

5 stars for my website

Dinner with my married friends turned to my favorite subject sex: one wife said very clearly that is simply no longer interested in sex, I looked at her husband...

Things are moving.....Email has picked up, and I see the tiniest of lights at the end of the Covid Tunnel. And I got my second Vaccine

I owe and apology to the "men folk" all over the world and especially to my wonderful clients who do care about my future....

All is quiet as we continually to be closed down....still a few observations about the Escort business in Israel...that the con artists have "arrived"

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