Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort reflection

Yom Kippur – Time for Reflection

Yom Kippur a​ solemn Jewish holiday where we review the past year. Its also a time where  we remember the Yom Kippur war in 1973. This double whammy makes for a very difficult day.

In addition to that I reflect upon my own life as an independent escort. The secret life I’m leading also takes it “toll” on my personal life.


The Holiday, The War, My Escortting

The holiday is an “easy” fit for me, in that its a day where I examine my previous year. Did I reach my goals? Am I getting closer to increasing my skills for my future profession? Am I satisfied with my choices? Am I at peace with myself? Where do I belong in this world?

Remembering about the war is actually more difficult. The kids that I see all around me in uniforms were the same that went to war, and they are so young. Yet they are willing to do what must be done to give me the luxury of pursing my education in peace. I trust them,  yet its not really fair for them.

My escorting, I review the pluses and minuses, where its difficult and what were and are my options if it gets to difficult.

In fact this 3rd aspect is not really hard. My choice to enter this profession was a good one. I always believe in taking advantage of whatever god gave me to pursue my goals. I definitly have what is needed to succeed as an escort and I have been acquiring the skill set to give me tools to succeed in my future profession as well. The minuses, which revolve around my crazy schedule, are just temporary and will soon be forgotten once I’m ready to move on  from my escorting.

Some of the pluses involve the amazing people I have me and have been so open to me. People that I never would have ever met if I was just a regular student.

So this Yom Kippur leaves me as always with mixed feelings: Anguish, Pride, Sadness and a positive  outlook for the coming year.