Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Business Development for an Escort

The business development of an Escort is quite different from that of my clients.

When I first started working as as escort, I was under the impression that most of my work would be similar, in terms of the private meeting.

I didn’t even think of the concept of “business development.” I first learned of the phrase from my clients, many were visiting Israel to expand upon their business with meetings scheduled for many of Israels Hi-Tech industries as well as the various defense industries. Their business card had the title BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

I would ask them about it and would learn that, they basically search for new clients and opportunities at exhibitions or via the internet. They are looking for companies that may not know what they offer and how they can help them.

My “business development” is actually the opposite. Its my clients that ask me, if I’m willing to take care of their various fetishes / kinks. I don’t have to search them out and try to convince them that I can offer them what others can’t or that I can offer them a “better deal.” 

Business Development: the List

Just for fun, I decided to check out some websites and how they show off what they offer.. Some of those sites have long lists (including BDSM sites) of the various services.

Well I gave it some thought, I could add an additional page of my various offering, I could have it in a popup have it on my quiz. I decided to make a list, and it became a very very long list, which became ridiculous, so I shortened it, some are general fetishs and quite prevalent, and then we get into the ones that I would never have thought of…

  1. Standard meeting
  2. Rocket Pocket
  3. Spanking
  4. Massage (standard)
  5. Massage (prostrate)
  6. Dominate the client
  7. Lap dancing
  8. Role Playing
  9. Feet Fetish
  10. Specific Nail color
  11. Very Very Strange Clothes (client brings)
  12. Hi Heels (specific type)
  13. Wife/girl friend addition (FFM)
  14. Two Males (MMF)
  15. Erotic massage (no sex)
  16. Confirmation of Personal Health
  17. Diapers (him)
  18. Cross dressing (him)
  19. No touching
  20. Food on the table…
  21. Wake me up (5:00am-use the key)
  22. Dance with me (slow)
  23. ponytail
  24. baseball hat
  25. Punish / Reward

The Clients ask me…

After making my list it became clear to me that if I was thinking of Business Development for my escorting business, there would have been things that in a million years I wouldnt have known to offer;

(Dancing? Diapers?, No touching?).

Seems it was best for me to leave the Business Development to my clients.